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Customer Love Feedback

Customer Love Christchurch

30 Jun 2020
Customer Love Christchurch

Kara in Marylin Dress

"I don’t usually do this, but I wanted to commend the young person who served me on Sunday (Kara) I believe.
I’m not a shopper and actually avoid clothe shopping, I have been walking past the shop for years and recently spied an outfit I thought would be great so I went in on Sunday to look at a mother of the bride outfit with my daughter.
So you can imagine how nervous I was as I don’t wear dresses and trying on these beautiful clothes is quite nerve-wracking.
Kara encouraged me to try on a dress and then a skirt which I will be returning to purchase, (Skirt and top) I was made to feel comfortable, and that nothing was an issue, I would like to express my gratitude to your team as adults we tend to criticize not commend. "

Yours sincerely






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