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Customer Love Feedback

Customer Love Christchurch

by Annah Stretton 27 Aug 2019
Customer Love Christchurch

“Big thank you to Kara! I walked into your Christchurch store looking for an outfit for a formal event. I was quite apprehensive about what outfit would be appropriate and what would best suit my body shape. I was also dressed very casually running errands and felt quite under prepared to be trying on such elegant clothing! My worries were put to rest as soon as Kara introduced herself.  She has an amazing personality and friendliness that immediately put me at ease.  Kara helped me try on a number of garments and gave me very good advice on what would best suit my complexion, body shape and the event that I was buying for. She is amazing and a real asset to your Christchurch branch!!!”

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Annah Stretton
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