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Annah’s 25 Truths From 25 Years In Fashion

by Annah Stretton 30 Aug 2016
Annah’s 25 Truths From 25 Years In Fashion

  1. Trust yourself – know that most decisions you will make will be right.
  2. Dream big – you deserve to.
  3. Lead gently and inclusively – but always firmly.
  4. Never lose the passion for the outputs.
  5. Plan your exit from the day you set up your business.
  6. Care less about what others say.
  7. Lead from the heart – it will always do right by you.
  8. Drive profit with purpose – be more than a healthy bottom line.
  9. Look after yourself – your health is all you have.
  10. Never be too busy for those you love.
  11. Manage time well – pack lots into your day.
  12. Ditch the stress – it is simply a mind-set.
  13. Eat whole foods – nothing that is whole has a barcode.
  14. Get rid of coffee, alcohol and sugar and feel the change.
  15. You are never too late to start a new dream.
  16. Employ well – this takes time.
  17. Embrace the mistakes as they are your stepping stones to success
  18. Make connections – collaboration fast tracks success.
  19. Know what your competitors are doing.
  20. Understand and embrace your customers.
  21. Love the skin you are in.
  22. Believe in yourself – you can do anything.
  23. Place yourself in the centre of your own universe.
  24. Embrace change – standing still is no longer an option.
  25. Only those that sparkle survive!
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