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Fashion designer Annah Stretton to open ‘wholeness retreat’ in Te Aroha

by Annah Stretton 29 Jun 2016
Fashion designer Annah Stretton to open ‘wholeness retreat’ in Te Aroha

Health and vitality are the focus of fashion designer Annah Stretton’s latest business venture.

Based in Te Aroha, Te Atawhai will be a four-day retreat where customers will practise daily mindfulness, go mountain hiking and walking, participate in an equine assisted learning session and receive general body health consultations.

The idea came from business partners Rebecca Skilton and Sherryll Gordon.

Stretton came on board after a recent introduction to “wholeness”.

During the past year she has gone to similar health retreats in New Zealand and Australia.

“I’ve had a lightbulb moment. All of my life I’ve kind of struggled … and I’m not obese or overweight, but I’ve struggled with not loving my body enough.

“I never really understood a whole lot about my body. It’s not just diet, it’s lifestyle, it’s a whole lifestyle package.

“I think I occupied a space that a lot of women and men occupied to be fitter, to be healthier, eat better food but we fall back into the same old habit.

“It’s just years and years of doing the same thing. We tend to gravitate back to what we know and understand.

“It’s changing your behaviour by subjecting you to best practise.”

The retreat will cost $2900 and includes accommodation, meals and transport.

The menu is designed according to whole food principles.

The retreat will have three full-time and about six part-time employees.

They have leased Domain House and are working with existing accommodation providers.

Read the full article here on Stuff –

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