Nikki Maslin

Annah Stretton
24 Jul , 2020

Nikki works for me and for the past year has had the toughest time in the world, her husband was hit while riding his bike he has and is still undergoing treatment, her Auntie who has been in a mother role for her over the past 40 years passed away and her young nephew has just past away last week age 12 with cancer since he was 4. Nikki has been incredibly stretched supporting all these people but helping them all with their needs, she is an incredible woman who is so kind and caring, taking no time for herself and supporting others, always making sure they are okay and if they need anything, I would love to see her be treated to an Annah Stretton wardrobe and to be acknowledged for all she does, her selflessness and heartfelt dedication to her family.

- Anon

23rd July 2020

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