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Annah Stretton Kindness Queen


20 Jul 2020

Hi there,

Firstly thank you for the opportunity to win this very generous prize.

I want to nominate my dear friend Julie. Julie is such a wonderful friend to me. She's always there to listen. She's a very wise woman so her listening ear and advice are always welcome. Julie works so hard and is a fantastic single Mum of 3. She's had a really tough time lately but in true Julie style, she's like a phoenix rising from the ashes (again). She just picks herself up and gets on with it.  Julie is the kind of person who puts others first and would literally give you the shirt off her back. She is such a kind and giving person. Julie doesn't get an opportunity to treat herself very often at all. She would be absolutely blown away winning this epic prize. 

Thanks for the opportunity. 

- Anitia Copland

12th July 2020

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