Carolyn Ark

I would love to nominate Carolyn Ark my styley friend ( the girl on the right ) to be the worthy recipient of your fabulous prize.  

I have never ever seen her looking scruffy.  She dresses so well, always looking so attractive but as they say.  Beauty comes from within.  Carolyn’s the most kindest woman I know.  She works 3 days weekly but finds plenty of time to do voluntary work in the Red Cross shop.  She also spends about $6. a week & buys bits for the Battered women. She & I deliver bits n pieces quite often.  

During lock down she shopped for her mum, her neighbour, her close friend & myself.  She used to walk every day & put wee treats in my letter box daily 

It’s been a hard year for her as her dad succumbed to Alzheimer’s & had to go into care.  She lights up every room she walks into. 

 - Trudy Longson

16th July 2020

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