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Annah Stretton Kindness Queen

Eden Grace O'Connor

by Annah Stretton 20 Jul 2020
Eden Grace O'Connor

I would like to nominate my daughter Eden, she knew that I was struggling with my old Notebook Computer with a cracked screen and no word on it, my hours at work had been dropped from 38 to 24 a week and I couldn't apply for jobs with what I had so she surprised with a parcel that came to home straight from the supplier Microsoft Office laptop with a family pack for Microsoft word program and a detachable keyboard. It took me a day for her to admit she had bought it for me.

She was made redundant about 2 weeks after she did this lovely gesture.

5 years ago I had bowel and liver cancer and she was my main support person taking me to all my treatments, she was only 20 years old then, but still was there for me. But also for others. I love her to bits for being there through that and now surprising me with this wonderful gift. She is my gift. I wish for something nice for her.

- Wendi Keown

11th July 2020

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Annah Stretton
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