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Annah Stretton Kindness Queen

Donna Quintal

23 Jul 2020
Donna Quintal

Despite losing her job during COVID Mum (Donna) has continued to put others first. As an example, she helped one of hef ex-staff members who at 22 was put in jail accused of a serious assault, and had no previous record. She worked with his lawyer and a private detective and they got the charges dropped by proving the accuser had falsified their allegation. Even though he was released, he was traumatized by the experience and Mum has gone out of her way to help him ease back into society. She has helped him find work, helped him through depression, and worked with him to plan a new future. All whilst taking care of her own family (I have multiple special/medical needs that I need help with), searching for a job herself, and helping my brother on a path to owning a business of his own This isn't unusual for Mum, she always puts everyone ahead of herself. We call her our Wonder Woman. Please consider her for this prize - she loves Annah S but can't afford to splurge at the moment.
Thank you Jordan.
- Jordan
22nd July 2020
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