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Annah Stretton Kindness Queen


by Annah Stretton 27 Jul 2020

My girlfriend Carolynn came to my rescue when, like many kiwi's who now live overseas, I found myself home in NZ and grateful to be home when COVID 19 kicked in. However, I didn't have anywhere near the necessary wardrobe to see me through the COVID lockdown nor beyond. Although I sent for my clothes from England - it was going to take 12 - 16 weeks. My Girlfriend opened her wardrobe and gave me all that I would need, including a few new items she had not even warn herself yet to see me through that time, including extras for the change in season. As a way of acknowledging her generosity, I am nominating my friend Carolynn I would love her to win your "Queen of Kindness" award.

- Michelle Cullen

24th July 2020

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Annah Stretton
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