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No Diets Allowed – Stop The Insanity!

07 Jul 2017
No Diets Allowed – Stop The Insanity!

We all know diets don’t work, in fact they actually escalate the weight challenges we are having in the long term – but we continue to seek out the next quick fix solution, wanting immediate and fabulous results, never mindful of the time frame it took to get us into the space we are so disillusioned with.

So here’s a thought for you – maybe, just maybe, it isn’t a totally new and unsustainable solution that’s required (the diet.) Maybe it’s just a common sense approach to modern day living, where you consider your nutrition, movement and your mindfulness as part of your day-to-day to create your new normal. The space you are in now has often been a long and timely journey, so to unravel this (should you wish to) you need to allow time.

There is ‘No is no present like the time’ (yes this is correct.) I am not wanting to say ‘There is no time like the present,’ yet I guess this applies equally. You do not have to go on another diet to lose weight – in fact never think diet again.

So here’s the rub –

  1. Fall in love with yourself, no matter what size you are.  Your body is AMAZING – try going without sight, or hearing, or lose the use of a leg for a day. From today try framing everything in the positive – it’s not about what your body isn’t – think about what your body is – just imagine if your body stopped breathing for you. I’d suggest that extra tummy tyre would pale into insignificance. Your body is the one person you will have the longest relationship with – embrace it and fall in love, and practice gratitude. Part of this self-love and daily gratitude is to nourish your body well, in the same way that you do all the special people in your life. Now is the time to nourish (not diet) you!
  2. So let start with – Food. Eat food, real food – mostly plants. Live with an 80/20 approach to your food – 80% is the green zone, healthy, whole and organic (if you can.)  Mostly fruit and vegetables – remember ‘real food does not have a bar code.’ Try to focus on keeping your body alkaline (Google this) to reduce inflammation and maintain optimal health. Drink 3 litres of water day. Chew food slowly, enjoy your meals and don’t drink when eating. Eat probiotic and prebioitic foods. And 20% in the red zone – yep splurge out, eat the foods you profess to love, no holds barred – but only 20% of the time. So you are now flexitarian, you have a 80/20 approach to food – you have created a sustainable platform to live by, you do not count calories and you are not dieting.
  3. In conjunction with this amplify the movement opportunities in your day –
    • always take the stairs
    • use a carry basket when grocery shopping for the weight
    • consider a standing desk
    • use 30 minutes of your lunch break to walk
    • get up every 15 minutes to get your water bottle (place  this away from you)
    • Look for the movement opportunities in your day (don’t avoid them)
  4. And finally, your mind. Stress is a killer – stress also produces cortisol, that if not used, will be stored as fat. So, change the way you think, rewire your brain. What you practice each day is what you will become. Your mind is a dangerous master but a beautiful servant – you can always be in control – believe that. What you believe is what you will achieve – you can drive your own outcomes. What you perceive is happening to you may not be actually what is happening to you – consider the effects of reticular activation.’
    (Some homework for you – Google is your friend.) So manage your thinking, stop being reactive and become pro-active. Breathe deeply, and allow time to process a situation.

Simple solutions that can all be found in mid-20th century living – no diets or gym memberships here, simply a pragmatic approach to living each day to the fullest. I challenge you all to give this a go, to practice daily gratitude towards your awesome body, and nourish and care for it as if it were the most special person in your life. Remember without your health you have nothing – please don’t wait for a catalyst to occur to jolt you into making change.


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