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Part Three in our series of Fashion Tips and Tricks

by Annah Stretton 22 Aug 2017
Part Three in our series of Fashion Tips and Tricks

Welcome to Part Three of a series of genius fashion tips that are designed to save you both time and money

● To stop angora or mohair from shedding, fold the garment and place it into a zip-top bag and freeze it for at least three hours.

● Snap clip-on earrings onto flats for an evening shoe, or onto shirt collars for instant embellishment.

● Blot, don’t rub, when you spill something on your clothes. Wiping or rubbing will actually further ingrain the stain into the fabric.

● To remove watermarks from leather boots, add a few drops of vinegar to a bowl of cool water and scrub the stains with a soft bristle brush until they are no longer visible. Let dry overnight.

● It’s a myth that loose styles flatter a large bust or a plus-size woman. The area just under the bust is a woman’s smallest torso measurement, so emphasizing it with a structured waistband that hits higher than your natural waist will make you look a size smaller.

● Use a lemon wedge to remove excess or streaky self-tanner.

● If the zip won’t stay up on a favourite pair of jeans, thread a key chain ring onto the zipper pull, and loop it over the button on the jeans when the zip is done up. The ring is hidden when the button is done up.

● Just pulled your top on, and your not-yet-dry deodorant has marked it? Use baby wipes to remove the marks.

● To stretch shoes that are too tight – fill two snap-lock bags with water, and place in each shoe. Put the shoes in the freezer overnight – the water will expand, and slowly stretch the shoes.

● The best way to fold pants so they don’t slide off the hanger is the Savile Row Fold –

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