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Meet the Team BTS Edition – Brenna Herewini, Stretton HQ

14 Jul 2021
Meet the Team BTS Edition – Brenna Herewini, Stretton HQ

Get to know the team behind the scenes at Annah Stretton HQ in Morrinsville!

Brenna Herewini: Warehouse / Customer Relations Manager

What do you do at HQ?

Officially I'm the Warehouse/Customer Relations Manager (sounds fancy right) but really I'm responsible for anything coming in, or going out of the building, as well as handling all the fiddly bits in-between.

My day typically involves processing online orders, dispatching stock to our retail stores, and being a right-hand man and go-to person for our lovely customers and our store girls.  

What do you love about your job?

Honestly, what's not to love? I love the connections I get to make with people — I talk to so many different people on the daily and I love the variety my job has, there really is never a dull moment. I've gained a few mother-like figures who are very special to me in the company since I'm the baby at HQ, and I'm super lucky to be able to work so closely with Annah and Sami everyday, always feeling encouraged and appreciated is a big win for me.

What are your favourite pieces right now and your favourite piece for the coming season?

My absolute go-to is my Vita pants (I have three different pairs!) They're a staple everyone needs in their wardrobe. I'm lucky I get to see samples and things come in ahead of season so there's definitely a few summer things I've got my eye on.

I'd have to say the Fifi dress and Jacie top are my two current favs in the new arrivals — I'm loving the rust colours at the moment.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Probably my snack drawer under my desk lol — and some terrible karaoke with a few wines! I live with my best friends so most nights are filled with us dancing around in our living room!

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