Addicted to Frida - How to Love Metallic

Silver. Metallic. Jewel tones.

You have just associated these adjectives with outer space, Christmas, and the New Year holiday season and no doubt experienced some unwanted flashbacks of Saturday Night Fever and some good old Abba costumes.

But don’t be alarmed! In fact have an open mind, because metallic is back but not in an overwhelming or distasteful manner.

Metallic has taken a new turn in fashion. It has become a new neutral, a basic block colour for your outfits. When worn and styled appropriately, it can be truly appreciated and admired.

Metallic has been given a new lease of life and who doesn’t love a bit of shine and sparkle? So why not try and wear it!

How to metallic

Pair with low key basics

Choose your choice of shine carefully and pair it with block colours that complement it. This will allow for balance and not startle your peers. You want to start a trend, not ruin it before it begins.

Watch your bling

Let your metallic garment be the feature and choose to style your metallic garments with accessories that perhaps aren’t as shiny. It isn’t a competition to see who can wear the most metallic!

Subtly is key

There will be some limits to this metallic trend, so don’t go and find your silver jumpsuit hiding in your wardrobe. Instead, find that metallic skirt you fell in love with in your biker days or that shiny jacket with the tassels and let the metallic colour speak for itself.

Consider metallic your new neutral and make ‘shine’ your new favourite colour.

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