Why It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are When Starting A Business

Jake Millar: Hi. My name is Jake Millar, Publisher of Unfiltered, and you’re on the Game Changer Series. Today I’m honoured to be joined by Annah Stretton, the Founder and CEO and Stretton Clothing.

Annah started Stretton Clothing in Morrinsville in 1992, where the head office is based today. Stretton Clothing now has over 20 retail stores in New Zealand and employs close to 100 people, with an online following of over 230,000 people. So it’s a fantastic success story, and it’s gone to some amazing places.

Annah is also a very passionate and successful philanthropist as well, and I’m very excited to be talking about that today, particularly through the organization she founded, RAW, which is Reclaiming Another Woman, which we’ll talk more about soon.

See the video interview here
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