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Annah Stretton Media

Charity shops becoming dumping grounds?

22 Dec 2014
Charity shops becoming dumping grounds?

News Talk ZB  – Dec 2014

Charity shops becoming dumping grounds?

A plea from fashion designer turned philanthropist Annah Stretton.

She says it’s all very well giving unwanted items to those less fortunate, but they should be in working order.

Annah Stretton says for example no child, no matter what their circumstances, would find joy in a broken toy.

She says many charity shops and collection bins have become little more than dumping grounds for rubbish, and it’s estimated that up to 70 percent of donated stock is unsalable and has to be sent straight to landfill at the charity’s expense.

She suggests also that food bank donations should be healthy options and include basics such as flour, olive oil and sugar.

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