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Annah Stretton shifts manufacturing to make face masks

by Annah Stretton 15 Apr 2020
Annah Stretton shifts manufacturing to make face masks

Fashion brands around the world have been pivoting their businesses to help with the current global health crisis and here in New Zealand Annah Stretton has been manufacturing face masks for those who need them. The brand’s manufacturing facilities have cut over 10,000 face masks in the past two weeks with orders for the masks growing daily.

Designer Annah and her daughter Sami have launched a buy one give one mask campaign through the Annah Stretton website, that gives a three-pack of masks to the vulnerable including City Mission, midwives, carers and the immune-compromised, with every pack sold online. The locally made face masks are 100% cotton and 100% reusable and feature an insert pouch for a sterile pad or gauze to offer extra protection. The non-medical face masks help to prevent the transmission of bacteria by minimising face touching and help to eliminate anxiety when visiting essential services.

The face masks have been designed in the brand’s colourful range of Stretton fabrics are are available in 3-packs for adults priced at $19 and children $15. They have also designed a comfortable mask headband for those having to wear face masks for long periods of time which are priced at $14 each.

MBIE considers face masks an essential product so any orders placed online will be delivered during the lockdown.

Original Article by FashionNZ

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