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Annah Stretton Kindness Queen

Judy Gibson

24 Jul 2020
Judy Gibson

During the Coronavirus, I was an essential worker so was doing my job as a caregiver. I was also looking after my friend that was going through her cancer treatment as well as caring for doing shopping for my foster son granma. So over the period of time, I became essential care to four other people. So they all had to join our bubble. I also had my little 4-year-old foster son to keep happy and contented... Also, my own two grown-up son's to check in on as one has a brain injury from a car accident. IT'S JUST me in my household as my husband was killed in a work accident that would be 19 years ago this year. So I'm a very strong capable person. We all got through it with a smile Lots of Laughter and music that kept us all happy. Our 5 million have done an amazing job With following what was best for our country as we are now the only country in the world that's back to some kind of normal. Lots of KINDNESS as well as consideration to other people has made this HAPPEN I love Annah Stretton her designs are so original and beautiful..

- Judy Gibson

23rd July 2020

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