Hariata Chase

Morning and thank you for this opportunity.

During COVID 19 I lost my job, my dad Ted Reid passed away, my husband's uncle Tommy past away, was not a great time during April 2020. I had a few miserable weeks but have managed to get back up. I helped my in-laws clean and repair their rental (we found out that hoarders had been living there for 17 years, the hoarding started after they moved in) took us 3 weeks to clean and repair. I now volunteer to The Clothing Project in Edgecumbe twice a month, once a week for Riding for the Disabled, helping my mother in law sell her blankets, looking after my 2 teenagers, and my awesome husband. Now that I am busy helping whenever I can, I have focus and am not dwelling anymore. It was hard at first not having a job, but I now know I am needed and will help others whenever I can.

Thank you.

This photo is the only I could get without deleting my story. Myself, my son Nate and my husband Dave.

Hariata Chase

15th July 2020

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