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Pretty on the Inside | Annah Stretton Pink

The Pretty on the Inside Collection, a title inspired after reading Beyonce’s biography, is an absolute celebration of femininity and heart.  From classic styles that embrace and enhance the female form, to colours and prints that are vibrant and fun, this collection has everything that Annah’s loyal following of customers have come to expect from the Pink Label.

“It’s very important to me that we work with styling that truly embraces the essence of a woman in both form and spirit” says Annah.  “In this collection we’ve deliberately set out to show that “pretty” comes in many different shapes and forms, from the stronger, cleaner lines of the simple but timeless shift dress, to the more obvious and fabulous floral dresses.” 

At the same time, it’s also a collection that makes a strong statement about inner beauty.

"I think Beyonce’s grandmother summed it up the best when she said “pretty is fine but pretty on the inside is what a girl should aspire to be.” Says Annah.


Q: Is there a signature piece that truly captures the theme of the collection?

The simple georgette dress maxi dress shape in a clean rose print with colours of colbolt blue and red.  It’s so easy to dress up and down, and so light to pack - it will do the island holiday or the best friends wedding.  It’s also reasonably timeless taking you into next season and beyond.

Q: The name of the collection “pretty on the inside” came from some holiday reading – Beyonce’s story.  What were the themes in the book that struck a chord?

I loved her intergenerational focus.  A lot of her mindset and behaviours have come from her Mum and her Grandmother and Beyonce acknowledges and embraces this - her Grandmother being the one that said “pretty is fine but pretty on the inside is what a girl should aspire to be.”

We can spend so much time, and even more so in this digital age, perfecting the narcissistic image of self when the more important, more lasting and more giving quality is our “pretty on the inside” dimension.

I also believe we all too easily and openly disregard the past generation and the learnings that they bring.  The importance of the lives they have lived and the wisdom they carry is often lost because we underplay the value in this human connection, preferring to overload on the digital offerings and knowledge we now all have access to.

It's time to get back to the human side of the human race; to acknowledge the importance of people, of human connections and of making a contribution to the lives of another.  

Q: How would you describe the defining features of the collection with respect to textures, shapes, and themes?

The styles are feminine - they embrace the natural form of a woman, the fabrics are “pretty” and the colours vibrant.  Once again we find it hard to go past a gorgeous floral print.

Q: What is your favourite piece and why?

I love the clean lines of some of the simple shift dresses that will take you from a fanatical day at work to the well deserved drink with a friend at your favourite bar in the evening.

Q: There seems to be a nice interplay between the soft, flowing and feminine side of pretty being used in the collection alongside the deeper messages around inner strength, self belief, and respect for one self and others.  Has this been deliberate?

Yes, it has – showing that “pretty” exists in the stronger, cleaner shapes as well as in the more obvious gorgeous floral dresses shows us that it’s not the outside that is the best indicator of a women’s’ personality but the inside - the HEART - that counts!

Q: When it comes to inspiration for a collection, what comes first, the name of the collection or a design angle?  How did Pretty on the inside unfold?

The name of the collection, and the underpinning theme, come first. This is how we start to put the mood boards together, collate the styling and make the fabric choices that will eventually become a harmonious collection that gives a total update to the wardrobe.  For us it’s also very important that we work with styling that truly embraces the essence of a woman.

Q: If you were asked to dedicate this collection to an individual or group of people, who comes to mind?

All of the wonderful customers that I have had over the years that continually want more of the "Pretty Stuff ".

Q: What items would make up the - ‘take you anywhere’ - pretty on the inside wardrobe capsule?

The simple shift dresses - these styles never date and can be worn again and again. This season there is a wonderful modernist twist that comes into play that will certainly have people taking another look.    

Q: What kind of woman can you imagine loving this collection?

All women that women that have an aversion to black clothes and instead love to herald in the new season in gorgeous colour!  We certainly have a wonderful following of women that choose to make their special event frocks an Annah Stretton dress.

The collection will be available to purchase online and in store from 1 July 2016


Annah Stretton’s Pink Label - Pretty on the Inside Spring/Summer 17 Collection 

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