New Zealand Fashion Week 2012 - Crush on You

Annah Stretton at NZ Fashion Week 2012

By Imogen Crispe

Annah Stretton's "I've got a crush on you" collection was an array of stunning evening wear and cute, floaty day wear, all with beautiful detailing and embellishment.

The dresses were all made of gorgeous looking fabrics including shiny satin, brocade, tulle and patterned chiffon.

Evening dresses came in metallic satin, olive green chiffon, wine-red chiffon, midnight blue tulle, red and gold brocade, dark mauve brocade and purple lace.

Some of them were 1950's style with calf-length full skirts and tailored bodices, often with a large front or back bow. Others were full length 1940's style slinky numbers with cut out backs or cowl neck backs.

Chiffon day dresses and skirts came in pastel, red or navy florals or black and white polka-dot patterns and had full calf-length skirts.

As seen in almost all the Fashion Week shows, there were some lovely chiffon blouses in florals and green, with pleat details.

Suits were sumptuous in silvery-gold brocade, grey brocade and grey stripe with a turquoise brocade collar.

Jackets worn with both suits and dresses had lovely frill details at the back and came in pale turquoise lace, caramel and black, grey and white, and brown.

Trousers with suits were often very wide legged, a different trend from many other designers seen this week.

Coats included a pale mint green brocade traditional style coat, and cape backed wool coats in white and grey.

Knee-length pencil skirts in patterned greys and navys also had frill details.

The show finished with a selection of some of Annah Stretton’s signature dresses designed over the 20 years she has been working in fashion.

It was a celebratory way to finish the show, with models wearing long red-haired wigs dancing saucily in the overly-embellished dresses. At the end Stretton came out arm in arm with a model wearing a hog’s head.


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