Life Changing Clothes

Life Changing Clothes

From the very get-go, the Annah Stretton label has been about so much more than beautiful clothing and the bottom line; giving back has always been at the very heart and soul of the brand. This ‘social impact’ ethos has seen the label align itself with countless charities over the last 26 years – from Waikato Women’s Refuge, True Colours and UNICEF New Zealand to NZSPCA and so many more. In 2014 it was time to shift gears from sponsor to driver of social change. The Stretton Foundation was born and the heart of the Annah Stretton label became dedicated to creating life-changing clothes.

Annah's Life Changing Legacy

“I always knew that no matter what business I was involved in, heart would play a massive role in it. It is so gratifying to think that every dress our wonderful customers buy from us plays a small but significant role in transforming the lives of offending women, restoring the health and wellbeing of those who need it, and paving the way for a stronger not-for-profit sector. More than anything else that feels like the beginning of a legacy to me.”

Annah Stretton, fashion designer and social entrepreneur

It's not what we wear, it's why we wear it.

With every Annah Stretton purchase you are changing lives by supporting:


We Donate

Are you looking for support with your next fundraising event?

We have a great range of options to assist you in reaching your fundraising goals - from signed books and styling vouchers to Annah as your guest speaker.


To find out more, contact Tanya at Please note we reserve the right to decide whether your event is a fit for our brand and has a social purpose that aligns with our brand ethos. Conditions apply.

Event Donations

Annah Stretton is also a proud supporter of good causes: