Senior Manager - Faith - Devonport

“Who wouldn't be proud to work for a NZ Fashion brand that has been around now for 25+ years. A brand that gives back to the local community tirelessly and ALSO a brand that fights for women to be EMPOWERED on so many different levels.” “Faith, What a fantastic, friendly, approachable & vibrant woman she is (was like catching up with a long lost friend however I had never met her before!) Showed me how to wrap & rosette my Chameleon dress & also gave me fantastic new ideas with accessories to really personalise my look.”
How long have you worked for Stretton Clothing?
I started with the 'Talented Stretton Team' in 2010.

What first attracted you to work at Annah Stretton?
I had always wanted to work in a Boutique Retail Environment but more importantly to work for someone who would be a great mentor and also knowing that there would be a endless Network of Support from Head Office right down to Store Level.

What has surprised you most about working at Annah Stretton?
My own Personal growth ( I thought I already knew how to sell having been in Retail Industry for a number of years) by simply understanding Women’s Body Shapes has empowered me to sell with a much greater confidence. What do you love most about your job?
The versatility of working in my store and the capability of helping with the Visual Merchandising in some of the Auckland Stores. I love this with a PASSION!

What’s been your biggest learning and/or achievement since working at Annah Stretton?
Just this year in fact, at the Howick Village Best Business Awards, Highly Commended for both ‘Best Retail Business’ and Highly Commended for BEST EMPLOYEE!

What’s the funniest /strangest experience you’ve had while working here?
Served a lady, wrapped her purchases in tissue, handed her the bag having walked around the counter and to the door, only THEN did she realise while looking quizzically at the bag, she then proceeded to say to me ‘Oh I thought I was in an Alannah Hill store how silly of me! That was a real “should have gone to Spec Savers moment”!

What do you like to do outside of work?
Day Trips when possible out of Auckland in our ’59 Plymouth Fury’ ( Real American Car ).

If you weren’t working at Annah Stretton what would you most like to do?
I have always wanted to be an Event Planner ie Weddings, Parties or Big Events. I would be in my Element!

What is something that most people would be surprised to know about you?
A Skiing Holiday away, doesn’t matter where in the world, it would be absolutely wasted on me. I HATE the SNOW!!!