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About Annah


Designer, Publisher, Business Mentor and Philanthropist for more than 20 years.

Creating a sustainable and viable business in the New Zealand fashion industry requires team work and leading from the front and I have achieved this by employing and empowering women that are brand advocates and are a perfect fit for my business model and customer.

It is about leadership that generates a culture of empowerment for both my team and customers and ensuring that, as a business model we are always reshaping the way we speak and present to our market. The conception of our collaborative Birds of a Feather stores ensures a brand presence that continues to inspire and engage our market.

Our eventing and individual styling sessions are delivering very real takeaways to a broad demographic of women that truly do struggle trying to decipher what fashion means in their worlds and how to make it work for their lifestyles.

After 21 years I truly love what I do, the team I employ, the product I work with and the environments that I transact in. I sit comfortably in my own skin and would like to think that I have contributed well to the social fabric of women in business, fashion and philanthropy in New Zealand.

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