Posted: Jan 25 2016
by: Annah Stretton

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A Golden Bride – Tips for the Tanned Bride



When in the shower, shave where desired. Gently exfoliate the rest of your body with a buff or your favourite exfoliator. Sugar-based exfoliators have smooth spheres and are gentler to skin. Concentrate on drier areas such as elbows, knees and ankles.



Towel-dry, then allow skin to cool for 10 minutes, as moisture from wet or perspiring skin interferes with the performance of self-tanners. Pull your hair away from your face and shoulders. When skin is dry, hydrate with a cream moisturizer. This will allow the tan to be applied more evenly and avoid blotches.

To avoid stained palms, pop on a pair of latex gloves. Dab Vaseline in your belly button to prevent self-tanner accumulating there.



Choose a self-tanner that you feel most comfortable with. A spray should be spritzed directly onto skin from about 20 centimeters away, and needs to be worked in quickly. Self-tanners with a guide colour make it easy to spot streaks before it’s too late. Start with a dollar-coin size amount of cream or an egg-size amount of foam. Massage into the skin in swoops, from the tops of your toes to your neck. Rub sparingly into elbows and knees. When tanning your neck, hold your head high for five minutes to avoid creases.



Use a shimmer glow cream to hide subtle streaks if any appear. A little shimmer will make a flawless self-tan look even better. Absolute emergency? Nail polish remover and lemon juice is said to erase streaks.


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