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Sami Stretton on her colourful new label

21 Nov 2019
Sami Stretton on her colourful new label

Sami Stretton is a creative woman of many talents, the daughter of fashion designer Annah Stretton, Sami also has a love of fashion and has developed a new label of her own, Everybody Love’s Lucy. It’s a fun range inspired by Lucille Ball’s iconic character Lucy and Sami has given the inspiration a modern twist making for a very wearable range. It’s the third label Sami has developed, having previously created Young + Resolute which evolved into STRETTON while also honing her fashion skills with the Annah Stretton brand.

We caught up with Sami to find out more about her new label, her favourite pieces from the range and what it’s like working in her family business?

How did your new label come about and what was the inspiration behind it?
It was an organic next step to create a new line that is bolder, louder, and more of statement that would appeal to a target market that isn’t shopping with us yet. Everybody Love’s Lucy truly reflects the real change in stewardship of the company.

I like to think Lucy is Annah Stretton’s little sister – she LOVES colour and a great print – but with a shorter hem and neckline.

Tell us about your first collection for your new brand?
My friends would agree that I have always loved mixing different prints and the collection reflects that. The first collection is a capsule of six fun summer pieces, all involving a bit of mix and match with the fabric choices. We have focused on ensuring the collection flatters and fits all body shapes and sizes, embracing the diversity of a woman.

We also wanted to ensure Everybody Love’s Lucy had a purpose. An animal lover at heart, we have supported The Pet Refuge NZ with $5 from every sale going straight to support their great work.

Sami Stretton Everybody Loves Lucy label

Looks from Everybody Love’s Lucy’s debut range.

What are your favourite pieces from the range?
My fave pieces would have to be the Clara wrap and the Frankie Dress, both are cute and colourful designs and I will wear them all summer.

How would you describe your personal style and how does it influence your designs?
Very relaxed – I’m a sucker for denim. My uniform each day is jeans and some sort of tee – usually with Mickey Mouse on it. When I have events and weekend outings, I love to wear one of our statement dresses.

How do you maintain a personal connection with your customers and how does social media help you to connect with them?
Social media is great for just that – being “social”. I have really learnt how to stay connected with our customer and the impact it can have with my other business, @doggydailynz.

Here we have built up the most amazing network of people – A united dog-loving family that we talk to regularly about food ideas for health challenges, new products and upcoming doggie events.

I want to develop the same for @lovelucynz where people feel comfortable to share and talk to each other, showcase the styles on themselves, where they have worn them and how they have styled the pieces differently. We have also teamed up with a great bunch of female influencers on Instagram – to show you the brand and how they would wear it – watch this space!

Sami Stretton Everybody Loves Lucy label

Looks from Everybody Love’s Lucy’s debut range.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received that you keep referring back to as a designer?
Keep referring back to your target market, they are the family for the brand, and they need to love what you do and what you say.

Your mum Annah founded the Annah Stretton fashion business and you’ve worked with her for years now, how does your professional relationship work and how do you separate your personal life as family?
It’s great and I love it! We don’t need to separate the two, this brand and the work that we do filters into so many aspects of our lives. My Grandma also works with us. At 81 years old she is still playing a key role in the company – so it’s a full-on family affair each day.

Looking to the future, how far ahead do you plan and what makes you excited about the future?
The future is disruptive and exciting, the change in the way people are shopping really keeps you as a company on your toes. Finding new ways to adapt to this is the fun part and what I look forward to daily.

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