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The Team Is An Absolute Gift

by Melissa Reid 01 Feb 2023
The Team Is An Absolute Gift

These women are household names amongst many in Christchurch. They are known for their skill, empathy, passion for clothes, and passion for helping women to feel good in the purchasing process. They are more than sales assistants. It is clear that this is more than just a job to them.

I cannot emphasise enough that when you have something special to buy, you may feel vulnerable and under pressure from yourself to get it right. There are so many complex feelings in buying the right dress, especially when it is for a significant occasion. These women seem to understand all of that. After buying at Annah Stretton, the service at other stores pales in comparison and you realise the difference between doing a job and true service. True service is very hard to find and when you do, it is an absolute gift.

Please pass this on. I am so, so grateful. And it is not just my story either. So many Christchurch people concur and have their own stories.


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