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The Colombo Store Buzzes Thanks to Angela & Kara

26 Mar 2021
The Colombo Store Buzzes Thanks to Angela & Kara

Susan and the models from the Annah Stretton show.

I was one of the models at the Ronald McDonald Fashion Show held at the Tannery in Christchurch last night.

I just wanted to pass on my utter delight at being able, yet again, to wear and show Annah Stretton garments on the catwalk. The garments I showed from the store were beautiful, comfortable, colorful, elegant and pretty.

However, what made the showing of the clothing last night so outstanding, was that the way they were put together was clever. Angela sure has an eye for the individual and nothing and no one is a problem to dress! What an asset and what enjoyment she extrudes, making the total experience rise to another level! 

I felt last night that I could have dressed those clothes up or down with a change of shoes and looked a million dollars. Basically as someone who is looking 70 in the eye I could easily sell countless units of your clothing to an age group 25- 85.

"Real women real clothes equal beautiful clothes beautiful women".

The store at the Columbo buzzes. Many stores I enter seem thuddingly dead but not Annah Stretton at The Columbo thats for sure!

Angela and Kara worked so hard to make last night such a success. Kara was an absolute honey with a perfect eye for detail too. 

Thanks for my lovely evening showing your gorgeous clothes.

Kind regards 

Susan Yule

PS: I've got pieces of your clothing that go back decades... they'd probably be defined as vintage now. They are never fail definitive pieces and everyone always comments when I wear them.

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