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Amazing Shopping Experience In Havelock North

14 Nov 2023
Amazing Shopping Experience In Havelock North

I just wanted to email to tell you guys about your gorgeous staff member at the Havelock Store and about my experience.
In Napier for Robbie Williams (as it seems half of NZ is this weekend) I had a little shopping time while my family did a wine tasting that I was not keen to participate in as I don’t really drink. On a whim I popped into the store and had a look around, it was busy! I am so sorry that I have forgotten the ladies name who was working there but she was gorgeous. She was wearing a beautiful deep purple dress and her hair and make up - on point! She approached me to ask if she could help. We had a banter as I said ‘do you have anything for a fat girl with big boobs’ (I’m about a size 18 and doubted I would fit your stunning clothes.) She laughed and said she said ‘there are no fat people in this shop, only gorgeous curvy women’

I laughed and said actually ‘yes, nice. I like you!’ I admired the dress she was wearing and she quickly found my size. I said ‘are you sure that will fit’ she said absolutely! She then whisked me around the store showing me other styles that might flatter my figure.  I only tried on 3 of the 4 she gave me. She admired each (despite being busy, she made a point of checking me out) and we agreed that the same style she was wearing was the one! (At the same time I was trying mine on, another lady wanted the same style and loved hers also - so 2 were sold at the same time!) At the counter we chatted and I just loved her. She was a beautiful soul who genuinely wanted to make people feel good about themselves. 

We laughed with the lady buying the same dress about how we were both going to Robbie and ensured we were going different nights so we didn’t dress the same and I even encouraged the lady working to grab tickets and go. She hadn’t thought there were any left but I assured her there were and gave her the details. I really hope she went as the concert atmosphere was amazing and she deserved to go for the lovely shopping experience she gave me!

Can you please make sure she gets the hugest pat on the back from me. I don’t usually email a company to talk about my experience but she just made such an impression on me I needed you to know that she is exactly where she needs to be as what she does empowers women to love themselves and that’s rare! I wore my dress to Robbie and felt good about wearing a colour! (I usually wear black)

Thank you so much Annah S you made my Saturday 


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