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Adrienne Was So Knowledgable and Friendly

13 Aug 2021
Adrienne Was So Knowledgable and Friendly

I spent the better part of an hour in the Cambridge store yesterday and I am just so amazed at the service I received from Adrienne.

I was on the hunt for a Mother of the Bride dress, and Adrienne was so attentive, kind, friendly and knowledgeable.  

Before she started showing me dresses, she took the time to find out as much as she could about where the wedding was going to be held, colours, what my dreams were of wearing for this big day. She then bought me three dresses and nailed all of them — sizes, colours, styling tips!

I have made a time to come in and see her in a couple of weeks with my daughter to make the final decision and I truly can’t wait.

What a true asset to the store and to the label, you are lucky to have her. She will be my go-to from now on.

Beautiful store and beautiful service.

Have a happy day 


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