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A Day in the Life of an Annah Stretton Fairy Godmother

02 Jul 2021
A Day in the Life of an Annah Stretton Fairy Godmother

Ange from our Colombo store shares her day as an Annah Stretton fairy godmother and why she loves what she does.

Our frst customer of the day was beautiful Charlotte (28), who was off to a company awards with her husband. The dress code had thrown her — ‘Kiwi Black Tie’ — and she wondered what that even meant! I told her don’t worry, that’s what a fairy godmother is for! Together, we narrowed it down to  two dresses: Fabia and Moon Light. Both were superb on her — it was a dilemma! I sent her off for a coffee and told her to visualise walking into the event, then sitting at the event. Which was she wearing? She was wearing Fabia. She was beautiful inside and out.

Then we had fabulous Tina (65) with silver-violet hair. Tina was off to a wine tasting event. Her outfit comprised of the blue velvet Up Town dress, Melanie top — only showing the velvet sleeves as she needed the extra warmth. The piece de resistance was the navy Minky cape! Believe me, with her violet hair she looked stunning.

Jane was our next customer, and she just loves us and loves our clothes. She tried on the Royal Delivery dress — with the Melanie black top and Paloma cape over the top was next level — and the Royal Star dress. She bought both dresses as well because why not!

And then Vicky (54) came in. She stood frozen at the door. Anna greeted her and asked if she could help? Vicky said ‘I don’t do shopping’ but she needed to do shopping because she's getting married in three months! Anna took her under her wing, and helped Vicky chose the new teal Jude Jade dress and accompaniments. Happy tears flowed, all became well in Vicky's world! 

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