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Closing Down …… Stores or Communities

10 Oct 2017
Closing Down …… Stores or Communities

This week another stalwart of the industry goes into receivership. As a vertical operator myself, I grew up learning the ropes and selling to astute retailers like Kimberleys – they provide an awesome selection of clothing, truly targeted to the New Zealand woman, they knew their market and how to connect with them through the well thought-out retail spaces they created and the teams they employed.

Kimberleys are another casualty of the digital disruption that is causing chaos among a capable cohort of New Zealand fashion retailers. These businesses, which keep the shopping strips alive and allow the New Zealand hobby of shopping to thrive, are slowly being wiped out by a digital juggernaut that simply appeals to our time poor lives. I guess in the interests of reminding you that the connection with your girlfriends and a day out shopping not only has health, movement and mind benefits (yes, it burns calories girls) as you get off your digital devices, walk the shopping strips and experience so much more than another Netflix series offers.

If we don’t take action and support these local stores, we will in fact, see so many more end up in the too hard basket from the operator’s point of view.  There will be many that hang in the balance as I write, putting up their hard earned dollars to keep the business they have loved so much afloat, hoping that things will change. Possibly deluded from where I sit, as change also requires a re-think from our customer, and without their support in store we are left with a plethora of digital businesses to compete with that in turn will reshape the very communities that we live in, and I not convinced this is the outcome we all want.

Digital platforms are extensive in their offerings, but sorely lacking in the physical connection and the ability to truly assist you to find an outfit that will make you feel fabulous for your next event. We are so much more than a transaction, we are a relationship and a service that enables you to make an excellent decision. We enhance the retail spaces and offer choice to a customer, we are the physical activity you know you need and we take the stress out of the decision, as we know our styles and your body challenges.

We are the ‘frocking nutrition’ that you can’t afford to lose.

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