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New Zealand Label produces face masks for vulnerable communities

by Annah Stretton 20 Apr 2020
New Zealand Label produces face masks for vulnerable communities

Well-renowned New Zealand Label has launched their Take Cover NZ Facemasks in the hopes to not only help individual Kiwis with their fight against COVID-19 but also our most vulnerable who live in aged-care facilities.

Annah Stretton is on a mission to protect the vulnerable with their BUY ONE, GIVE ONE face mask offer. For every limited-edition fabric face mask pack purchased, a matching pack will be delivered to registered aged-care facilities around New Zealand.

The facemasks are reusable and it is recommended to wash the masks before your very first use.

Although, these are not medical-grade facemasks it does have various benefits nonetheless. It helps keep New Zealanders calm during this scary time by reducing anxiety and stress levels, it helps individuals from unnecessarily touching their faces and it also collects water droplets of those who are unwell to protect the safety of others.

You can order your Take Cover NZ Face Mask packs now at

Original article by Apparel Magazine.

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