Senior Manager, Wellington – Events, Styling 

“Rose not only has an incredible knowledge for the Annah Stretton ranges, she told me what colours would suit me, what style would suit my body shape she told me how to accessorise my dress, right down to the fabulous fascinator and flower brooch I purchased in the store."

How long have I been with Annah Stretton?
Since I first joined the team in 2007 I've talked with a mass of women. We've laughed and cried together and I've learnt from them all.

What did I do before working for Annah Stretton?
In the past I've had some fabulous jobs, but none have allowed me to be just exactly who I want to be before. The progress path with my current job has been fantastic for me with events and personal growth encouraged by Annah directly.

This job has never been easy. I work hard and at times don't have enough hands to do everything I want, but the personal rewards have always made it worthwhile.

I've worked all over the country in our many stores and have had the privilege of meeting with and working alongside some great personalities.

Why do I love my job?
Clothes and shaping a woman’s look are an obsession of mine which I get to indulge daily. The weekly stock box is like treasure chest to be explored. And best yet I get to be a part of the development in the clothes and feel of the company.

What are my ambitions within the company?
There is still much more to do, I watch the business plan grow daily and I feel privileged to be a part of it.