Press Release Flipit Summer 2016

Flipit goes to RIO


HAMILTON, 24 June 2016: Annah Stretton is launching her Spring/Summer 2016 Flipit Wrap dress Collection to celebrate the 2016 RIO Olympics.  Fun and bold, with a touch of sultriness about it, this collection is an absolute celebration of RIO at carnival time.

The Flipit wrap dress entered the scene just over 16 years ago with one simple but ambitious dream; to create one dress that EVERY woman could look good and feel great in, not just once, but EVERY time she put it on! 

“We live in a world where so much emphasis is placed on what we wear and what we look like, rather than who we are and what we’re capable of,” says Annah. “I wanted to take away some of this angst by designing a solution that was guaranteed to look fabulous on super mums, not just super models, and enabled each woman to stamp their own mark on an outfit through their styling choices.  The Flipit has achieved all of that and so much more.  The fact that sales and advocacy for the dress get stronger each season is testament to that.” 

Described by women as their ‘I feel great!’ dress, the Flipit’s enduring popularity comes down to two key factors.   Firstly, it lines up most of women’s dressing pain points - such as I’ve lost weight or gained weight, what’s going to still look good?  Or, I need a new dress for a special occasion but I want to be able to wear it again? - and deals to them in one perfectly designed frock. 

Secondly are it’s almost ‘anti fashion’ characteristics; it doesn’t kowtow to colour, fabric or length trends.  Instead, it uses its distinctive but timeless side A and Side B fabrics and its 9 different ways of wrapping to give women an endless array of looks.  It’s the only dress that can take you from street smart to cocktails in one simple flip. 

The RIO Collection is available to view right now online at or in store. 

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