Press Release Black Summer 2017


I am, I Said | Annah Stretton Black

True to type, Annah Stretton’s Black Label Collection is very definitive and single minded in its overall styling. Simply titled - I Am I said - the collection is strong and simple on design with a much cleaner and more focused use of colour.

“I am I said is about the journey all women should take.” Says Annah.  “It’s about self-belief, self-confidence and independence and it’s about driving towards our dreams and encouraging our children to do the same, by our actions not simply our words.  Living a great life is all about self-nurturing and self-determination - “I am, I said!”


Q: You have chosen ‘I am I said’ for the name of the Black Label 2016 summer collection.  What was the significance of this title?

I am I said … is about the journey all women should take.  It’s about a self-belief, a self-confidence and an independence.  It’s about driving towards their dreams and encouraging their children to do the same, by their actions not simply their words. 

Mothers are rarely ever seen as the ultimate role models in society and yet most of us refer to them in the journey to our own success.  By giving a Mother the permission to create her independence, her sense of place, we in turn inspire the next generation.

Q: Where did the inspiration come from for the ‘I am I said’ collection?

The live life in colour events that we have been running throughout the country - I have simply met too many women that are not living a life they love.

Women that need to get rid of the fear, guilt and the doubt that holds them back and instead truly believe in themselves - they need to adopt the daily mantra of “I am, I said”.  Living a great life is all about self nurturing and self determination - if it has to be its up to me!

Q: Is there any connection between the Black and Pink Summer collections with respect to underlying design themes or messages?

Yes and no.  As I get older I simply place more importance on different things.   The bottom line and the material trappings have so little significance to me compared to moving another person forward that has become stuck in a difficult space - it’s the people that count, not just our self.  However I also know that without a huge sense of self belief it’s hard to move another person forward  so I guess “I am…   I said”  is all about the strength of character and the self belief we all need while “Pretty on the  inside” is all about how we measure people and to do so from the surface is so wrong .. lead with the heart!

Q: How would you describe the defining features of the collection with respect to textures, shapes, themes?

This collection is strong and simple on style, and clean in colour and design. Black and red are the core colours and the simple carnation flower the signature graphic.

Q: Is there a signature piece that truly captures the theme of the collection?

The simple georgette dress maxi dress shape in a clean rose print with colours of colbolt blue and red.  It’s so easy to dress up and down, and so light to pack - it will do the island holiday or the best friends wedding.  It’s also reasonably timeless taking you into next season and beyond.

Q: Did you have a particular target market in mind when you designed each collection?

I often think about the clothes that I would love to wear.  I know that I have a wonderful customer following for all the frippery that epitomises the Annah Stretton pink label.  However Annah Stretton Black looks to dress the right hand brain of Annah Stretton and all the wonderful scenarios that I get to embrace each day.

Q: When can we expect to be able to buy it? 

The ranges will be available from August this year in all of our retail stores as well as online


Annah Stretton’s Black Label - I Am I Said Spring/Summer 17 Collection 

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