Manager - Mandy - Havelock North

How long have you been working for Annah Stretton?
I Started my working journey in 2022.

What made me want to work for Annah Stretton?
I have worn and loved wearing Annah S clothing for many years before I got the job. I absolutely love fashion a collector in fact, I am a little obsessed.  As I walked by the shop one day and saw the advert for sales assistant needed it was a no brainer. I'm a firm believer that too much of a good thing can be wonderful.

What do you love most about your job?
I love the fact that you can change someone's day. Sometimes ladies walk into the shop thinking nothing will fit them. By the time they leave, they mostly have two or three. outfits.

What have you learned in your time with the company?
Growth and support is so important and I have received this in bucket loads.

What is the best thing about working in fashion?

It's an absolute delight coming into work each morning surrounded by florals and colour of Annah Stretton designs guaranteed to put a smile on anybody's face you get to be creative every day.

What motivates and inspires you at work?
COLOUR, and the gorgeous ladies that come in store. Girls shop days are the absolute best and I get to do that every day.

What role does the job play in your life?
My job has given me the opportunity to find myself again after doing so much for other people. Working for Annah Stretton is more than just a job, it's a happy place for women to thrive through the inspiration of clothes.

What opportunities do I see in the future for my career?
I am open to any challenge life throws at me. I thrive in the creative field with positivity. my cup is always half full, not half empty approach. I absolutely would love to be a personal shopper and have a passion for photography, photoshoots. Fabric design, catwalk shows etc. Bright lights, camera, action. Annah does an amazing job of creating masterpieces for any woman of any shape, making them feel good about themselves. Confidence empowerment through clothes is an amazing thing. Everybody can feel elegant, indulgent, and amazing just come into store…