London Fashion Week 2011 - War of the Roses

Annah Stretton debuts at London Fashion Week

Annah Stretton’s Winter 2011 collection, War of the Roses was handpicked to feature at London Fashion Week's 'A La Mode' show, held as an official off-site event in its fifth season.

Frocks with the majesty of the crown jewels are the treasure-trove of this range. With colours reflecting priceless works of art (rich purples, cobalt blue and striking reds) each piece on its own surpasses the merit of the last. The Queen herself would knight the luxurious fabrics, each used in revolutionary ways.

Tailored to suit the physical complexities of a woman’s body, strong yet elegant blazers provide a shield in a range of luxurious fabrics to truly conquer all fashionistas.
Worthy of a medal of honour, a War of the Roses brooch adds decoration to complete the battledress.

The New Zealand based designer has already made a name for herself in her home country where she has established a staggering 30 retail stores and a fiercely loyal customer base. Actively campaigning against animal cruelty, Annah is a force to be reckoned with. She is a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit and was the 2009 New Zealand recipient of the Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman award and has even had her clothing featured during a ‘Go-see’ challenge on an episode of America’s Next Top Model.

While every piece has a distinctive ‘Kiwi’ feel, her elegant and feminine designs are sure to get the girly girls riled up in London.