Manager - Linda - Hamilton

What made me want to work for Annah Stretton?
My reasons for wanting to come and work for Annah were a few, I knew instantly I could do the job, also there was past memories of enjoying wearing her clothes from back in my 20s. I have always had a love of fashion. I also wanted a change of direction, so I reached out and grabbed the opportunity.

What do you love most about your job?
As an interior designer I really love the creative side of this job. It allows me to create a lovely space for our customers to be inspired and shop.
I also love helping customers discover how beautiful each and every one of them are, no matter colour, shape, size or negative feelings they may have about themselves.

What have you learned in your time with the company?
I have learnt from Annah to look at things differently, i.e. even when she is unsure about something or someone, she looks at it from a different and positive angle, to give that person every opportunity to succeed, she takes a chance .

What is the best thing about working in fashion?
Fashion is an extension of ourselves, fashion colours and textures, they make us feel good, Annah's clothes are full of colour, love and feel-good vibes. What’s not to love?

What motivates and inspires you at work?
Wanting this shop to succeed.
I love getting our stock box every week, it’s like Christmas seeing all the new clothes and redoing the shop to inspire our customers.

Knowing I have the support of a wonderful team behind the scenes and Annah to lead us. I’m in safe hands.
I am open to learning and growing, I genuinely love helping people. I love having the freedom to make our shop beautiful and become the very best it can be.

What role does the job play in your life?
I am at the point in my life that money isn’t everything, we definitely need it to live a decent life, but what’s is more important to me is working for someone whose core values and work ethics are the same standards I have. Without this job I couldn’t live, and yes, I could get another job, but what are the chances of getting one with such and inspirational leader and someone who actually cares.

What opportunities do I see in the future for my career?
I have no idea, I’ve learned never to take for granted I’m grateful every day, be present in the moment, but I do believe that what goes around comes around. I believe in taking chances if I’m meant to be somewhere else in this company, I know the opportunity will present itself and I’ll recognise it if it does. I learnt a long time ago you have to be open to learning no matter how old you are, attitude will get you everywhere in this world.