How long have you been working for Annah Stretton?
2020 to 2023.

What made me want to work for Annah Stretton?
Because of the beautiful range of clothing and fabrics, and for the person she is. (who wouldn't want to work for such an inspiring and empowering woman!!)

What do you love most about your job?
I love working here! The Annah Stretton Team is super lovely and supportive, Such an amazing work family!

Working in the Pukekohe store is so much fun!! I get to meet the most amazing people and help them find beautiful garments to take home.

What have you learned in your time with the company?
Every day I learn something new, the way a garment can be worn different ways, adding accessories and slips to change the look of your outfit, it's exciting learning new ideas on how to wear an item!

 What is the best thing about working in fashion?
The best thing about working in fashion is you get to explore and discover the most amazing designs, And what you think might not suit actually looks amazing!

What motivates and inspires you at work?
Knowing that I can change someone's day, helping my customers find their (Yes) piece can be daunting, that's where I can help,  And I love this part!

What role does the job play in your life?
Being the Manager at Annah Stretton Pukekohe, plays a big role for me at work and at home, Exceeding Expectations, being compassionate, courageous and being Authentic in all areas of my life.

What opportunities do I see in the future for my career?
The Opportunities I see in my future are wonderful!
I hope to stay right here, working in Annah Stretton!
Embracing the beauty of being perfectly imperfect!