Retail Assistant, Pukekohe


How long have you worked for AS?
I started at Annah Stretton in the New Year so its exciting to see the fabulous new stock coming in. This new season has got me excited with all the gorgeous textures and colours and I'm also looking forward to meeting all the wonderful Annah Stretton ladies.

What first attracted you to work at AS?
Firstly the fantastic clothing-who wouldn't want to be surrounded by gorgeous colours, fabrics and styles. Secondly I love the idea of working for a company with a caring , motivating and responsible ethos as demonstrated through RAW.

What do you love most about working for AS?
I love that it doesn't matter what size or shape you are Annah Stretton fashion is able to help our customers know their body and what will work best for them. It is designed for all body shapes and Annah's designs are made with such thought to give women confidence in what they wear. I love getting a customer try an item that when on a hanger you cant always see how it will translate when on and then seeing it into a fantastic show stopping item of clothing.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Sometimes it seems that my favorite things to do is pick up wet towels and make school lunches that no one eats but seriously I love being with my family and children and watching them have fun growing into confident and happy people. I also love interior design so at the moment my villa do up is keeping me and my Pinterest boards busy!

If you weren't at AS what would you like to do?
I love being in customer service having worked in retail and owning my own menswear store but I think my dream job would still involve aspects of customer service maybe like a mystery shopper on luxury island resorts or a luxury personal shopper!