Customer Styling Feedback

28 07 2015

I am writing this to thank your staff for a wonderful service.
I had a appointment on Thursday 23rd July in your Birds of a Feather Store in Hamilton. I had a makeup session and guidance on clothing styles that suited me. It was a real treat for me and I was made to feel like a real woman and at the end felt so inspired. The two ladies were very nice & friendly and very encouraging and positive. I especially enjoyed my time trying on different styles of clothing and learnt a few things too. I wasn’t intending to purchase anything, as to be honest, most of your clothing was out of my price bracket. But I loved what I had on so much I did end up purchasing 3 items. One was a lovely dress, that I am going to wear to my daughters 21st in November and the other two useful items were some black pants and stretch belt, both of which are on layby. I came out of your store on a complete high and went home and looked at my wardrobe of clothes and thought of all sorts of ideas of what I could do with them. I was so happy with my time there I phoned the shop the next day and spoke to the lady who was helping me with the clothing and thanked her personally. I would recommend this styling session to any woman out there who needs a treat for themselves and wants to learn what suits them.





I was the winner of your Christmas competition for a session with a senior stylist. Thank you so much! I had a wonderful afternoon with your stylist Anglea and Anna in the Dunedin store. I got lots of tips for how to rejig my old clothes, and different ways to wear my new flip it dress. I was so inspired that I cleaned out and sorted my wardrobe this morning :) Thank you! – Michelle 




THANK YOU  to the Christchurch team for the styling session yesterday.  :-) I didn't know quite what to expect but you all made me feel very comfortable and I really had a lot of fun :-)  The make up was wonderful and the dresses were completely gorgeous!!

Thank you so much :-D







i had a delightful styling session with the amazing Nina today.

I met gorgeous Jackie at Newmarket two weeks ago.  What a dynamo

I can't thank Nina and Jackie enough.  You will never truly know the difference you've made for me.  I see myself differently now.

With much gratitude,
Love Tracey



27.06.14 - 5.20pm

Amazing Embrayce Skin & Beauty photo shoot - using our beautiful dresses!!



23.06.14 12.53pm

I bought the Laurestine dress a couple of seasons ago; I wear it relatively frequently; and in ALL the time I’ve worn it there has only been ONE day that a random stranger hasn’t stopped me to tell me they love my dress!! Amazing – it’s literally worth its weight in gold!



Thank you so much Kerry and Lana for making my afternoon awesome during my Dunedin style session today. I really appreciate the care and attention you gave to me. I will be back in store soon





A big huge thanks for the makeover and styling session I had in The Birds of a Feather store in Hamilton last Friday. I loved it all and felt a million dollars! It was so nice to be pampered! I felt very spoilt!
Annah, you and your team ROCK!! 




I had a styling session with Nina about a week ago and it was seriously the most fun ever! I have never enjoyed shopping because nothing looked that good on me but now I have a much better idea of what to look for. I came home from that session and promptly got rid of almost two thirds of my wardrobe. Clothes shopping holds no fears for me now - I know what colours and styles suit me and that's what I will buy. Thanks Nina and your team - and the makeup session? Brilliant!



I just had to let you know I had a great time at my styling session! Nina is not only a beautiful person but inspiring and a wonderful stylist! I have come away empowered that a short dumpy woman can look tall and slim and fashionable!I have been moved out of my ‘comfort zone wardrobe’ and have the knowledge to apply Nina’s advice to get the right look for me.I am confident that the  Annah Stretton Devonport store (in the past a store I was too scared to go into) will always give me the right styling advice.

Thank you so much for the complimentary consultation.

Kind regards,



I just wanted to say a big thank you, I had a wonderful time and Cheyenne was absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately I only had an hour to spare for lunch. 

Cheyenne is such a great stylist and as soon as she pointed out my dress faults I could see where I have been going wrong. I have a wardrobe full of clothes which are totally incorrect for my figure and now know what I should be buying. In fact, I was over at Bayfair in the weekend and passed by so many clothes that I would normally have tried on and ended up buying just one jacket with the advice Cheyenne had given me and I simply love it. It looks amazing. There was a gorgeous red cardigan Cheyenne had me try on but unfortunately I just cannot afford Annah S prices (being on my own I just cant afford to spend $240 on just one cardigan).  But I will most definitely be keeping an eye on the sale rack.  I am also a size 8 and the shop didn't have many items in my size, sadly.

I just can't thank you all enough for the free styling session and what it has meant to me. 

With heartfelt gratitude.

Regards, Julia



Just want to say a huge thank you for organising the styling session. I had an absolute blast (spent far too much money) but felt like a princess.  Nina is fabulous and has given me the confidence to start building my own style. 



Just had my styling session at the Matakana store with Nina today. Boy does she know her stuff!!! She was great at picking shapes and colours for my shape and age. I would never have picked these items to try on but when I put them on WOW! I was so impressed by her enthusiasm and knowledge. She had a good look through the clothes I brought in and helped my restyle most of them. I now look with a better trained eye. There was no pressure to buy, just advice. I did buy but that’s because they looked great.

Thanks Nina,



My friend and I had a styling session with Rose - she was amazing.  She had to work with 2 of us with different body shapes in a limited timeframe but we loved it!  She was extremely professional with a sense of humour!  There was no pressure at all to buy which was wonderful but she made me look and feel awesome so I bought anyway.  I would never have dreamed to spend this much but I know I will get plenty of wear out of my dress and jacket.  She listened to my concerns on the ability to only wear in summer and she went over and above what I would have expected thus resulting in a sale.  

Thank you very much for this.  It was a privilege to meet her and share her knowledge.

Kind regards,



Just a note to say thank you for the opportunity to have a styling session. I had such a awesome time, was taken so out of my comfort zone, learnt how to reinvent my old pieces and walked out of Annah.S with some new pieces. What more could a girl want.
My wardrobe has even had a makeover. At 51yrs old it was just what I needed a total fashion refocus.

Thank you so much.
Jan (Big Annah.S fan)


I would very much like to thank you for the opportunity to do this.

It was fantastic.  This is something I would never afford myself to do so appreciate the chance to go in and try on everything (well not quite but a huge selection).  At no time during my time in the store did I feel pressured into purchasing any single item of clothing.  I currently have a lay buy in the store and Lizzy got that out and showed me other things I could wear with items I am already purchasing.

Lizzy is amazing, bubbly, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.   You certainly should be proud to have her on your staff. 

The makeup instruction/make over was a huge bonus to the afternoon.  So thank you to Kylie for that.

And yes I did purchase both from the makeup range and another dress and top.  So another feather in Lizzy's cap - a great sales woman with out even trying. (well making it obvious).

Thanks again and I will most certainly not be afraid to go into the PN Annah.S store again to look at the latest seasonal fashion and when I am shopping else where I now know exactly what I want to buy and how it should look on me and "my style".  All thanks to your team.

Wowwww a bit gushy but I'm feeling good about life.

Thank you.



Good afternoon,

I wanted to tell you that 8 of the ladies from Colliers recently had styling appointments with Annah S.  We purchased the styling appointments at a Bellyful auction.

All of the ladies have come back from our styling appointments more confident, understanding what look good and what we should definitely avoid!  Your ladies from your Hamilton store are fabulous – particularly Nina.  She is a wizard in terms of styling and makes everyone feel at ease, no matter what their body shape or size.

Congratulations on having such fabulous people working for you and thank you for making them available for helping people like me.



Just a note to say "thanks sooooo much" for forwarding the voucher for the In-Store Styling Session. I went today and I had such a fantastic time. Melissa and Jill looked after me so well.  It's always a little nerve wracking going to something like this but they were lovely. I learnt a lot - only hope I remember it all!

I tried many lovely pieces of clothing - and will get 1 or 2 pieces eventually. I am very happy with the makeup demo and learnt heaps. I was a little outdated and it was great to learn some new tips on makeup application. A lovely fresh new look.


PS Tomorrow night I am going to a very flash dinner - a fundraiser on in the city for Alzheimers - a black tie event  - so what am I going to wear - Annah Stretton of course!!   I bought the most gorgeous dress last summer for my niece's wedding and it will be perfect for tomorrow night. I can't wait to wear it again.


Hi Nina

Many thanks for helping me today in the Howick shop. I just love my Raspberry Fortuny dress and my husband thought I looked stunning in it. “What colour do I wear now?” was his plea. I said something with blue overtones as you had pointed out that the dress had a blue base.

Cheers, Nina and a big thank you again,




I just wanted to send a note of thanks for my appointment  with Nina in the Takapuna store on Saturday - whilst my credit card totally disagrees - I had a lot of fun and this was definitely a highlight to a very terrible week at work.

I left the store feeling fantastic and wondering when I can wear my new clothes!

Thanks must go to Nina, as she is an asset to your team. I had a lot of fun with her and she made me feel special and that I can find clothes that fit me and look great too!

Once again many thanks



Just wanted to say “Thank-You” so much for this session I had today from Sabine; “Birds of Feather” Hamilton.
I felt special and was amazed we were both on the same page when it came to what suits me.  A Tulip.  Sabine understood my needs and really took me another place with the clothes and accessories.
It was great to learn tips and to appreciate my 'assets', I now have some amazing new clothes and belt to add to my wardrobe.
Thanks Jenny

Hey Nina,

Firstly.... THANK YOU! Thank you for listening and doing the baby steps with me. I never feel like I get listened to much and for you to listen and not force stuff on me you knew I wasn't ready for made me feel listened to and respected and honestly made the experience a lot easier for me. It is something that I have NEVER felt comfortable doing for many reasons - not just the weight. I even thought about cancelling yesterday because my head space right now isn't great with so much going on that getting up and heading out is a major. So to actually come and be listened to, be respected, FEEL comfortable and actually fnd something that suits me and I feel ok in and then bought was well worth it. Although I still feel uncomfortable about shopping I think if I went with my sister I would now be ok!
You have no idea what it meant to me yesterday and how much it meant that you spent the time with me - especially being a lost fashion cause.
Thank you doesn't seem to be enough really, and I'm not too good with words and expressing myself like others because of my past and there is so much I would like to say but thanks is all I can right now.

A huge thank you for the fantastic job you did in fitting me out with a wonderful dress to wear to my friends 1930's themed wedding. It was a wonderful evening and we all had fun dressing up and dancing. It was held in the Queensland Museum, so the atmosphere was very elegant.
Looking forward to returning to Christchurch in November to come and visit for another styling session.
Kind Regards
Vikki Calvert


I wanted to pass on how much I enjoyed my session with Melissa in the Dunedin store yesterday. It was absolutely wonderful and so helpful. She helped find me an elegant outfit for my daughter's wedding for December. Melissa was such a lovely, understanding stylist. Along with Wendy from Dunedin, you are very fortunate to have such amazing staff.

Sharon Weir

Hi Tanya,

I had an amazing session today with Kerry. My makeup was fabulous and the fantastic clothes and accessories that Kerry showed me how to mix and match was the best 2 hours I have spent. Tomorrow I am attacking my wardrobe and removing all my big clothes and redesigning my new look.

Sincere thanks to Kerry for her great motivation and inspiration-I left the store feeling really great and a lot more confident in trying more colours and adding a belt.


Thanks a million.

Cheers, Christine

Hello there!

I just had to send you a message to say how I felt after my session with Nina in Takapuna this past Friday. It was a life changing experience for me. I can not express how much it meant to me to have such an honest, cheeky and comfortable session with Nina. She is an absolute star and she made me feel so comfortable and allowed me to see just what I had missed in my early overweight years growing up. As an almost 41 year old that had no idea how to shop and with no signature style, I felt so reassured and safe with Nina (and Kelly) and was blown away by their non judgemental approach and was amazed at the lengths she went to to show me how I really look. I have taken so much on board, I walked out of the Annah Stretton store feeling like a new person with an exciting new confidence. I drove home with a massive smile on my face! Normally when I get home I would get into my jeans and hoodie - not on Friday! I stayed in my dress until bedtime! I woke up excited about getting showered and dressed - yes not just sugar- the cake was baked and iced! (Thanks Nina!)....scarves, jackets......accessories! Appointment made with optometrist -can't wait. Hair appointment booked - and advice taken on board and running with it.

Sorry to go on, but I am just buzzing, for the first time in my life, I feel confident, I feel empowered, I feel gorgeous! Thank you, thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Until we meet again.....soon I hope!

Big hugs