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Dear Isabelle at the Christchurch store,

I would like to thank you very much for your help in finding my 'mother of the bride' outfit, just before Christmas.

I hadn't looked any where else, I had been putting it off for months, as I struggle with being a size 18 plus and I am not sure that I have really worn a dress since my own wedding more than 20 years ago!!!

But you need to know I left the shop feeling on top of the world, (with my dignity intact) knowing that being over weight doesn't mean I have to 'make do'. I really really appreciated the excellent service, delivered in such a genuine, honest and professional manner.
Thank you so so much, you are an absolute treasure :)

Warm regards,


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Thank you so much - you guys are awesome! I broke my leg and am stuck in a wheelchair for 12 weeks!

I decided to cheer myself up online! Your website is fantastic! I love online shopping now.

I have brought all my favorite clothes from Annah S in the past! The service from you was awesome, one day later my lovely tops arrived after your great email telling me the clothes had been sent! AND free delivery with a lovely personalized Annah S card! Have told all my friends how fantastic your service is, easily the best I have had in a very long time!

Thank you!


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Last Wednesday I had the most fabulous morning at the Styling session Tauranga .

Nina was such a delightful person and showed me amazing ways of coordinating garments and heaps of tips to make the most of my figure. I came away feeling so good especially after the make over,sorry I have forgotten the lady's name. 

What really impressed me  greatly was whilst many garments and accessories were tried on, there was no pressure to purchase, although I couldn't resist some slacks. Please pass on my thanks to Nina, Tania and the makeover lady for this marvelous session. 

Well done Annah Stretton, thank you.



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I have just got back from a trip to Monaco, where my partner had been invited to receive his World Jetboat Title with the Prince of Monaco in attendance.  The dinner was at the Monty Carlo Hotel and was very 6 star affair, red carpet and media coverage.  There was 450 people to attend plus partners.  Nineteen different countries were represented including UAE, Monaco, Italy, France, Russia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Brazil to name a few. Every woman there was dressed in designer gowns from the rich and famous. I was wearing one of Annah’s dresses (I have attached a photo).  A committee from the UIM (main sponsors) who walked around the cocktail hour judging the MOST ELEGANT DRESS. 

I would love to let Annah know that the dress I was wearing was judged the best of the best, taking out the top honours!  There was media there and I was interviewed with 3 TV crews filming. This was the topping to a fairy-tail night for me as my partner had just proposed to me a couple of hours prior. To Annah, I say thank you and well done.  I was so proud to be wearing your dress on such a special night.  I brought your dress approximately 5 years ago and it is timeless.  It now has a very special place in my heart and am hoping to incorporate it into my up and coming wedding. 

Kindest regards,



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Just wanted to pass on my thanks to the amazing ladies in the Colombo Christchurch store for looking after my mother and I a few weeks ago (& snapping this pxt for us to remember our fun day).

We were on the hunt for the perfect dress for mum for a friends wedding and the attentive ladies spoilt us utterly, were honest, & had invaluable advice & all of the right accessories ready to perfectly match the different frocks we tried. We left feeling like princesses & mum looked amazing at the wedding in the (attached) yellow dress.

I'm still day-dreaming about the pink Halcyon 2 dress I tried on and it is at the top of my bday wish list. Much appreciated and loved our shopping experience xx


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I just had to write a quick note praising the lovely lady in your Customhouse Quay store... she is a gem! I'm plus size and often find myself ignored in 'straight size' stores, especially while shopping with a slim friend, but I felt very welcomed and valued by your stylist. She even picked out a few pieces for me to try, one of which I just had to buy. I'm in love with my new gorgeous Paisley Rose Dress!
Thank you! - Jocelyn

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This is a photo of me that appeared in The Sunday Star Times at The Crusader Ladies Lunch. The amazing Izzy at The Colombo Store had me in this new AS dress and even lent me her own cardigan as mine didn't quite work. I had the best day and felt fab all because of Izzy she is an absolute star and she made my day! Thank you so much xxx

I have always liked shopping at Annah S in NZ and they saved my bacon when I needed something special in Brisbane too. And love their brides - not all size 8 and young. A great diversity of real brides so you can get a feel for what the outfits will really look like."

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I wanted to thank Marie at the Pukekohe store for being so wonderful and giving me the most amazing customer service ever!!! She helped me pick my Wedding dress and my Brides maid dresses which we absolutely LOVE!! Thank you also to Annah Stretton Fashion for such amazing designs!



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CUSTOMER LOVE - It doesn't get much better than this


My name is Shirley and I visited your store in Barton St, Hamilton last week and was served by the loveliest lady that I have ever been served by in any shop all over the world, this was followed up by an equally good experience on Saturday morning, and I thought thatI should share this with you.

I am not a "shopper" and certainly am very uncomfortable shopping for clothes especially as I am a bigger person and always feel that I am just huge when trying on clothes and nothing looks good on me. I automatically have my "defences" up when someone approaches me and asks me what I am looking for and of course this did happen in your shop too! 

On my visit into your shop in Barton St last week, I was approached by a saleslady who asked me if I was looking for anything in particular or for a special occasion, I reluctantly told her that I was looking for a dress for a wedding to which she cheerfully responded, asking me about it and what the relationship to the bridal couple was. Kate asked me my name and introduced herself to me, which I thought was rather nice and informal but very different to anything that i have ever experienced before.  I informed her again a bit reluctantly that it was a Chinese boy who is like my son. She asked if I had anything in mind and I told her that no I just wanted something that made me look slim and beautiful - she replied "absolutely, that is definitely what we all want" Do you have any colour in mind? To which i replied no. She then told me about  this absolutely gorgeous dress that would look a million dollars on me and is very flattering to a fuller figure and pulled this dress off the rack to show me. It was quite a simple dress but she assured me that she also had one of these dresses and it was deceivingly beautiful and flattering on. I took her advice and tried it on and was delighted as was my 18 year old granddaughter who was with me.

Although I loved the dress it was very hot and I was on a meter outside the shop so decided against making the pressure decision to purchase and advised Kate I would come back at the weekend. She was so obliging and said that she thought this was a good idea and placed me under absolutely no pressure at all.

Yesterday, I returned to the shop with my daughter and was served by Sabine - I asked about Kate, but Sabine told me that Kate was not working today.

Sabine  just picked up exactly where Kate had left off - introduced herself to me and made me feel like I was the most important person - even though she was extremely busy with another customer.

I ended up buying one of the dresses and a sheer jacket and i am positively delighted with the purchase.

I would like to express my thanks to both Kate and Sabine for the wonderful service that I received but I also thought that I should pass on my sincere thanks to you for employing such amazing salespeople. You very obviously have an extremely good training regime with high expectations.


I have already told several people of my experience and will continue to do so.

Thank you again and i do hope that you don't think that I am a "soppy old lady" with little else to do. This actually is not true - I am a very busy person, working full time and heavily involved in sport and I normally am not into writing these sorts of letters but in this instance I felt that I must pass on my accolades. We are generally a population of critics and often do not take the time to acknowledge the good things.





Last week I went with my sister in law  to two of your stores - Ponsonby and Newmarket - and we were so impressed by the wonderful service we received in both. The staff were genuinely keen to find a great dress for both us and other customers and adapted their approach effectively to meet the style of different customers. It really was a stand out on our shopping trip. Anyway I thought I would let you know the great experiences your team are delivering.
Best wishes



I bought my first dress from Karyl, a dark forest green wrap dress for my daughter’s wedding. I loved it and the service I received. I recently returned, just to look, as I love the colours of Annah.S dresses and fell in love with a mustard evening gown, which was a perfect fit. However the price was more than I had ever paid for a garment. 
It really did look lovely on and it is rare to find this colour and fabric so I bought it. I have since been back in the shop and bought a lovely blouse and if it weren't for Karyl, I probably wouldn't shop at Annah.S . She is great with advice without being pushy and is honest about colours and styles. In fact - the perfect ambassador for Annah Stretton. Thanks Karyl.

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I just wanted to say l had such a fantastic experience on Saturday morning with Kerry at the Pukekohe store. Kerry taught me how to make the most of the tulip shape that l have been blessed with. I walked out of the store with confidence. Thanks so much for being given this experience and a big thanks to Kerry - what a neat lady. Love the clothes. Thanks again, Paula



My name is Gavin and along with my mother, Paula, we attended a makeover and information session at the Pukekohe Annah Stretton Branch.
This was such a magnificent and enlightening experience made so by the LOVELY, HELPFUL and KNOWLEDGEABLE Kerry. Kerry was cheerful and comforting from the moment we walked in to the moment we left the store. She is a great asset to your company and her attentiveness will surely mean we will be back again!
Kindest regards,

Gavin & Paula.



Thanks so much to Angela from your Colombo Street store....who saved my life today by finding me the perfect petticoat to wear with my chameleon dress for my wedding next Saturday...she dressed me perfectly and made me the happiest girl in the world...thanks so much!



Hi there. I want to know where I can go to offer written praise for the Annah Stretton staff I encountered today. Clothes shopping has never been so easy or such a genuine pleasure, so I believe that Izzy and her mum at the "The Columbo" store in chch deserve to be recognised and thanked. They are a coherent team who work well together and have the very same customer focused attitude. Little did they know I'm shopping phobic. Sadly, it's true, but they made me want to go back! I cannot speak highly enough of them. Well done and a big high five to whomever employed them.

You have the winning formula.

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I got married on the 10th of January at home and my Annah Stretton wedding dress was just perfect. I got so many compliments about my beautiful dress. It really helped to make the day. 
Thank you so very much for designing and making so many gorgeous clothes.

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Congrats - you people have a knack of employing the most amazing staff who have a real ability to make your customers feel special. This is a rear talent. Good on you and long may it continue.




I was so disappointed when your Timaru store closed but the upside was travelling to Christchurch and discovering Isy in your Colombo Street store early in January. In around 90 minutes Isy found and styled the most beautiful wedding dress for me. After trying a few, Isy called around the country to get the perfect dress in size and colour – it arrived within a couple of days. I tried it and it’s like it’s been made for me. We are getting married on the beach in Rarotonga in April and I just can’t wait. The dress is hanging in my closet and I sneak a peek at it every day.  Thanks so much to Isy – finding my perfect dress was so easy.


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I love your page and seeing all the customer love you receive, so thought I'd also add my praises. I bought this beautiful floral dress just over a year ago from your Christchurch Colombo store. I was served by such a friendly and vivacious mother daughter duo whom by the end of my fitting I wished would adopt me! So far I've worn the dress to my 21st birthday, graduation and a dear friends wedding. Every time I have people approach me asking where I got that amazing dress from! I just love it so much. Can't wait to find another perfect A S dress to wear to future special occasions!
*Katrin is wearing an Everlasting dress

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The young lady with the striking eyes and pink dress working in your Te Awamutu store today is amazing and I want to properly thank her. My sister never wears dresses and is very self critical, suffering with depression for years. She not only left with a beautiful dress, but she left in tears, happy tears. This lady made her feel like a million dollars, but with honesty. She was so helpful and understanding and so goddamn funny, just a firecracker! She transformed my sister before our eyes, not just in looks but in spirit. In walked a shy frump and out walked a confident attractive lady, even booking in a hair appointment afterwards. I see now why I have heard so much about the new store here. Well done Annah Stretton. Please thank her wholeheartedly for both of us, you can't properly understand how much this means to me. I will be recommending your store to all my friends and family.

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I went into the Dunedin store with my friend who had just gone through a separation. We were served by Lana, who was absolutely outstanding. Cathy brought a Flip It dress, which made her day and she "Felt like a million dollars!” Very impressed with the high level of customer service.


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Just a note to say I enjoyed visiting your Pukekohe store last week. I received friendly service from Clelia who was very helpful, honest and has a great way about her. Love your dresses too.
Thanks, Rhonda 

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Thank you Jacqui for the great service in the Havelock North store. Received my purple chameleon dress last week, loved it so much I went in to get another and have opted for the Flip It dress- the colour I wanted was not available but Jacqui and the store manager managed to get one ordered for me - great customer service.

Thank you.


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Good Morning, I visited your store in Hamilton on Saturday 11th Jan, and was assisted by the lovely Kate. I just wanted to write and let you know what a very pleasant shopping experience she made it. She was so bright, extremely helpful, and put together an outfit that I would never have considered - and it looked amazing. It is not often that I have come across such excellent customer service, so I felt that I just had to let her Employers know what a valuable asset they have.



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Yet again another great experience in one of your stores, this time in Whangamata whilst on holiday. I already love the 3 Chameleon dresses that I've purchased in Chch and Hamilton and have received great service at these stores every time. But this time after great advice from the store manager have gone for one of the new "Flip it" dresses - absolutely gorgeous. To top it all the cardigan/shrug I wanted to go with it was unavailable in this store but they have located one at a different store and are delivering it to my home address when I return from holiday. Once again outstanding customer service that ensures I return time after time.
Thank you



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Hello Ms Stretton,
I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to receive my first Stretton piece. The Hawthorne 3 coat. I have only lived in NZ for 2 years (I'm from Melbourne. My husband and I came here after earthquakes as he is pastor of a church). I discovered your Christchurch store pre-Christmas and the coat stuck in my mind. Having limited finances, it was a long think to spend the $500, but on our road trip to Hamilton for New Year, I had a lovely visit to the Hamilton store and just ordered it. It is now hanging my lounge room so I can show it off to anyone that comes in (husband just doesn't get it!). It may even stay there as it's such a beautiful fabric. I adore beautiful fabrics! I just found a sundress in my wardrobe that I bought last year that sets off my coat perfectly! The coral colour is an exact match:) I can't wait for its first outing. Probably when I go to visit my soon to be born first grandchild in Melbourne later this month.
I am sure I will love my coat forever...Thanks for creating it!


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Hi there

 I'm emailing to let you know that I had a lovely experience at your Newmarket store last Sunday.

My husband will attest I love my dresses, and I have always hankered after one from your store. I am that customer that sneaks in the door and has a quick look (and a quick love because your products are so gorgeous) then sneaks out. I regularly visit your website to admire your beautiful things.

Last Sunday I gritted my teeth and decided to try on some dresses. The lady in the store was so lovely to me and made me feel comfortable doing so; she didn't insist on 'having a look', which, to customers like me are the three words of shopping death. She was kind enough to wait until I invited her to see what I had put on. She hunted out some extra dresses for me to try on, one of which I purchased because it felt so right.

Please pass my message  If she is representative of the culture you imbue in your team when helping customers, she is a lovely ambassador.





Bless you so much for my frock....just to tell you how much it meant to me, I have terminal cancer. I'm only 37 and this birthday may be my own but I felt like a princess. The women in your store were such a great representation of you and much to be proud of xx

So thank you for being a great moment in my life im feeling blessed.


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A huge thank you to the ladies at your Bird of a Feather Store in Barton St, Hamilton.
My dress was perfect and the staff really did go the extra mile for me. I felt gorgeous and received so many positve comments about by dress.

Thanks again,


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I am writing this to let you know I had one of the best - if not the best - shopping experiences I have ever had yesterday in your Colombo Street store. The staff (I believe Mother and daughter) were fantastic. They were extremely helpful, bubbly and genuinely interested in helping. My sister who came with me – not intending to buy anything - ended up buying two outfits mainly down to these 2 fantastic women. We both walked out feeling a million dollars.
So this is to thank them for a great experience.


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I have been extremely impressed with the customer service I have received by everyone I have dealt with at Annah Stretton. I took my mum in to get a dress for her for my wedding. We will be going back in to get the jacket, under skirt and belt in person as we received such wonderful help. Please pass on to the store manager in Christchurch that Isobel was by far the kindest and most helpful shop assistant I have ever come across. She made the whole experience very enjoyable. My mum never dresses up and I had to persuade her to go in the shop, so I cannot thank Isobel enough for her help.



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Hi, I had to write and say how wonderful Wendy in your Dunedin store made me feel, last Thursday 5 September

I was looking for a dress to wear to my twin daughters' school formal and almost walked past your store! Your window display enticed me in. After trying on many dresses and some more that Wendy brought to me, I finally settled on your raspberry fortuny dress and a krista black jacket. Even though your jacket had a small fault,Wendy said that she would get a new one couried to me from another store. I live in Amberley and it arrived at 7.30am Monday morning, now that is service.

I had a lovely experience in your store trying on dresses I would never have considered and Wendy certainly knew how to put an outfit together with accessories. I could have bought more than one. I will definitely be back.



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Kia Ora Ladies!
Thanks for your assistance with my most recent dress purchase. 

Very much looking forward to its maiden outing at a friends wedding.

Kind Regards,


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During our vacation I discovered in Pukekohe the Annah Stretton store. It was not long before I fell in love with garments from Annah Stretton. She makes amazing garments for women at any age and with any dress size. I bought some lovely clothes including a Chameleon Dress. I'm so happy with this dress. It will not be the last. 
Luckily I can order online and already looking forward to my order. 
From Ulrike in Germany

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Hi Annah,
My name is Amanda, I'm 7 and a half months pregnant and been looking for a wedding dress. Everywhere I've gone I've had awful service and been so upset when leaving a shop. I went into your pukekohe store last Saturday and had the most brilliant and amazing lady help me. Her name is Tina Marie, she works Fridays and Saturdays and commutes from whitianga. She helped me for about 2 hours and was so friendly and made it such an easy and pleasant experience and I found the dress I will be wearing to my wedding with her help. I can't express enough how great she is and have told everyone about her and your pukekohe branch. I will definitely be returning their not just for the clothes but for the amazing service and staff you have there. My partner was scruffy as anything as he had to go to work and normally is looked down on when he comes with me to the shops but she treated him with total respect and I'm blown away by her and her helpfulness and care. She is truly a gem and an asset. She took the hassle out of one of the hardest parts if my wedding and I couldn't have been more relaxed or happy. What a wonderful experience.
Thank you
Amanda Hall

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“Thank you so much for all your help…here is a photo of me in the boat so you can see the difference between a petrol head and princess”

Thanks Karen you rock! Dress looks fab and so does the trophy, hope you had an awesome time!



Hello there!
I just had to send you a message to say how I felt after my session with Nina in Takapuna this past Friday. It was a life changing experience for me. I can not express how much it meant to me to have such an honest, cheeky and comfortable session with Nina. She is an absolute star and she made me feel so comfortable and allowed me to see just what I had missed in my early overweight years growing up. As an almost 41 year old that had no idea how to shop and with no signature style, I felt so reassured and safe with Nina (and Kelly) and was blown away by their non judgemental approach and was amazed at the lengths she went to to show me how I really look. I have taken so much on board, I walked out of the Annah Stretton store feeling like a new person with an exciting new confidence. I drove home with a massive smile on my face! Normally when I get home I would get into my jeans and hoodie - not on Friday! I stayed in my dress until bedtime! I woke up excited about getting showered and dressed - yes not just sugar- the cake was baked and iced! (Thanks Nina!)....scarves, jackets......accessories! Appointment made with optometrist -can't wait. Hair appointment booked - and advice taken on board and running with it.
Sorry to go on, but I am just buzzing, for the first time in my life, I feel confident, I feel empowered, I feel gorgeous! Thank you, thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
Until we meet again.....soon I hope!
Big hugs
Jo Woodward


I just wish to express the awesome customer service I received from Belinda who was working in the Paddington Annah Stretton store on Saturday 6th July 2013.

I just casually walked in and did advise that I was just looking, but was hoping to find an appropriate dress for my wedding in August.
Well Belinda showed me some beautiful dresses to try, she listened to what I described, and found the exact dress!  Although the fabric wasn't what we wanted, she advised that she will request the fabric samples to come from NZ in time for next Saturday… so the dress will be made in time for my big day!
How unreal is that?!
Just so happy and can't wait to get to the Annah Stretton store this coming Saturday! That girl needs a raise! You don't want to lose her. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Kind Regards,


Hi there,
I had an amazing styling session with Nina at your Takapuna store the other week and while I was there, showed her a couple of wedding pics from December when my partner and I got married …I wore a chameleon dress and LOVED it!


Deborah Cook, author of the "Diet Schmiet" Blog writes about her experience of an Annah Stretton Personal Styling Session. Both part 1 and part 2 of her blog are below...





Thank you to Angela and her team at The Colombo.
I wasn't feeling my best when I called in recently. It was busy but as always, I was well looked after and had a fun time. I left in a much better frame of mind and with an amazing outfit having been fussed over and dressed by these lovely ladies. I wore that outfit to an event where one of the speakers was a stylist. At the end of the evening she came up to me and told me I looked amazing. Thanks again. You are such stars.





Thank you so much for this opportunity. 

I had a fantastic time.  As you said, Tracey is indeed amazing.  She was really friendly and helpful.  Tracey listened to me, what my lifestyle was like, and what things I liked to wear and why.  She explained my body type (bluebell/rosebud) and why that was my body type.  She explained my best body features and why.  She showed me some new ways to tie my chameleon dresses.  She showed me what outfits highlighted my best features and showed me different ways to wear them.  And, she had me try on some outfits that did not flatter me at all and explained why - what an eye opener!!  I definitely have to go through my wardrobe!
I left the shop feeling so confident and special and with some great clothes.  I know this will sound so corny but I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she goes shopping on Rodeo Drive.
Tracey was fabulous and did not put any pressure on me to buy anything.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.  I don't think I can convey how wonderful it was and how much I appreciated it.
I really love the brand and it's probably lucky for me and my credit card that there is no store in Canberra where I live!




Thank so much for the opportunity to have a free styling session with Sabine, she was awesome, I felt very comfortable in her hands. It was great to learn tips and to appreciate my 'assets', we had a laugh and she made me feel confident.
Kind Regards,
Sue Akehurst


Thank you so much for my Lindsay dress which arrived today by courier. My first Annah Stretton purchase !!!

18.6.13 - 25.6.13

We follow Andrea Blower and her journey through Italy wearing one Chameleon dress for five days...

Day 1 in Montefalco Italy....... 
So far, The Dress has accompanied me during a two hour drive from Rome to Montefalco. A quick freshen up and a change around to a new style, and The Dress and I were off sightseeing!!!!!
In this picture, we are leaving the apartment for a walk in the 36° heat.


 Day 2 in Montefalco .....Our friends got married today in 30° heat, so I opted for the one shoulder.

Day 3 in Montefalco......
Today was a relaxing 'post wedding' day. The Dress turned into a cowl-neck and I went for a flowery look to suit the 'sitting by the pool' day.
Posting two at once due to limited internet access. Off to Venice to try out The Dress there for a couple of days.

Day 4...... In Venice. Enjoying a glass of Prosecco along the canels.

Our last day in Italy!
The Dress has held up very well, it has been wonderful to have something so light and easy to wear each day - not to mention all the extra space in my suitcase for shopping!


I spent about two hours in the Devonport store on Sunday, 9 June.  Faith was lovely and spent that time with me giving me style tips and suggestions on how to wear the dress I purchased and the chameleon dresses I had previously purchased.  She was wonderful and a real asset to the Annah Stretton Brand.


Thank you- I have just spent a wonderful hour with Nina and Kelly at Takapuna learning what suits my body shape and what I should and should not be wearing.
Such lovely ladies – I was a bit nervous but they made me feel very comfortable and I came away thinking that I can now go shopping with more confidence.
What a lovely treat!



Thank you for the opportunity of a styling session. I had the most wonderful morning in the Ponsonby store with Nina today. I am delighted with my purchases and now have the knowledge and confidence to dress much smarter.
Nina was very generous in sharing her expertise with which she has a natural talent, and Olivia was also helpful with selections.
So once again many thanks to you and the lovely inspiring Nina.

Warm regards,
Judy Raill




I visited your Adelaide store this week after a couple of hours of uninspiring retail therapy with my Mum.  I was both surprised and delighted when Tracey greeted me by name.  I was impressed that she could recall my name after only 2 previous visits and without hesitation.  She was also able to inform me that I had a store credit which had completely slipped my mind.  I went on to purchase  2 beautiful items (dress and a shirt) which I have enjoyed wearing this week.  Her customer service was genuine and outstanding.
I really just wanted to feedback how impressed I was with the customer service I received.  Compared to most retail outlets where the attendants barely lift their head when you walk through the door – your store is head and shoulders above the rest.
Thank you!
Rebecca Knol
Director KidsNetwork