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Customer Love Hamilton 27/03/17 - I had my first ever Annah Stretton shopping experience this morning in the Hamilton store and I am beyond thrilled with my purchases. The very lovely Joanne styled me to perfection and encouraged me to try new things, I felt fabulous and the clothes fit like a dream on my curves. The customer service I recieved was just such a highlight that I cannot wait to return for some more styling and to find some more new treasures.



Customer Love Christchurch 22 03 17

Big thank you to Annah Stretton Colombo St for the amazing customer service in repairing the flower I returned recently. Beyond the flower my Flipit has been fabulous & I adore coming in and being looked after so well. Thank you <3




Customer Love Hamilton 02 03 17

I just wanted to pass on some feedback from my shopping experience at your Hamilton store yesterday. It is the first time I have been in an Annah Stretton store and I had left it late to find something to wear to a wedding in Christchurch this weekend! Joanne served me and was amazing. She was so professional, gave great advice and tips on how to wear the garment I tried on, how to accessorise it, other ways to make it work, etc. She was honest with her feedback and advice which I really like when shopping for clothes (not my favourite past-time). I now have something really nice to wear to the wedding, and to other events....and just in time. Joanne gets my vote for best ever friendly and professional customer service. My thanks to her for a great shopping experience. Regards, Dianne 




Customer Love - Newmarket 15 02 17 

Hi there.  I just wanted to thank your wonderful staff in your Newmarket shop.  I got married in one of your dresses last Sunday - a wedding planned only 10 days ago as a result of my husband being diagnosed with an inoperable  brain tumour last month and starting radiation treatment this week.   Your shop was the first place we went and together we  chose the first dress I tried on (though we did experiment with a few more after that!)Belinda might recall it was a red lace dress.  It really had the wow factor!





Customer Love - Christchurch 10 02 17

Huge 'thank you's' to Angela aka Arabella in your Christchurch Sydenham store for showing me the most beautifully devine dress to make the switch from jandals and shorts to Mother of the Bride for my daughters wedding last Saturday. Angela was absolutely incredible and truly brought a tear to my eye with she created on me. I can honestly say she made me feel like I was the only one in the store, such was her level of attention. Thank you again Arabella X




Customer Love - Hamilton 07 02 17

Hi, I am normally found in shorts and t-shirt so shopping for a dress for a wedding was way out of my comfort zone.  I popped into the Hamilton store and found my fairy god mother.  Joanne knew from the moment I walked in what colours would suit me and after a short conversation Joanne, ably assisted by Deborah, dressed and accessorised me.  The customer service from these two ladies was outstanding and I left feeling amazing!  Thank you. Cheryl.



Customer Love - Online Store 02 02 17

I ordered a garment I love from Annah Stretton online shop. It arrived in a different colour to the one I'd ordered (more a different shade of colour really due to a bar code error etc etc). I rang Sheryl at the online orders contact centre and am blown away by the efficiency, courtesy and attention I have received! Thank you Annah Stretton Fashion for your exemplary customer service and dedication to going the extra mile (and of course for your beautiful, unique and limited edition clothes).



Customer Love, Devonport  31 01 17

I bought a gorgeous dress from your Devonport shop yesterday for a friend's wedding.  Lyuba was absolutely superb.  She has a warm, friendly greeting for everyone who comes in.  The service and care that Lyuba gives to help with choice without any pressure is rare.She clearly loves her job and I found the shopping experience yesterday thoroughly enjoyable. Debbie



Customer Love Devonport 27 01 17

My husband and I just popped into your Devonport shop while holidaying in Auckland earlier this month.  In the back of my mind was an up coming wedding and my inadequate wardrobe, so I said "yes I am looking for something" to Lyuba's enquiry.  Lyuba was fantastic suggesting new ideas, helping me in and out of various options, popping accessories on and increasing the ideas and creative fun.  My husband meanwhile was happily sitting on a couch, bloke magazines filling the time as I disappeared and  then reemerged wearing the next option.  He was happy. Lyuba was superb.  We left some time later with two glorious pieces, some great accessorising ideas and masses of confidence.  Now I just have to get my bloke to buy some trousers.  Its nice to be excited about my outfit. Thanks Lyuba for being the highlight of our Devonport day. Rowena



Customer Love - Christchurch 20 01 17.

Izy from Annah Stretton in Christchurch was so wonderful helping me prepare for my sons wedding in Hollywood, I felt ready for the red carpet. Barbara



Customer Love - Whitianga Store 10 01 17

Your shop assistant Emma from your Whitianga store is amazing,  so helpful, pleasant and knowledgable on trying to dress a very short plump figure, she is a gem, and a valuable employee. Kerry 



Customer Love - Christchurch Store  07 01 17

Hi Angela, I am not sure whether you were the one who served me last month, but I just wanted to say the service I got was amazing. I have never had an experience quite like that. I was treated with respect and kindness. With being "curvy" I have always shied away from asking for help... but never again. I was made to feel beautiful and came away feeling amazing.

Thank you doesn't even come close! I will definitely be back. I've attached a photo of my daughters graduation (for which the dress was purchased). I felt like a million dollars! And now, my same daughter is getting married and will definitely be stopping by.

So thank you for making me feel amazing (oh and for putting on Neil Diamond for my partner)

Warm regards,





Customer Love - Taupo Pop-Up  15 12 16

I have just had incredibly good service in the Taupo pop up shop. I am a bigger size and the sales women helped me look around, suggested clothing and how to wear certain items. I managed to find a top which she also made a nice comment about.  So a gold star to the Taupo assistant.



Customer Love - Havelock North and Christchurch  14 12 16

On my vacation (first time back in New Zealand after 5 years), I walked into the Annah Stretton shops of both Havelock North and Christchurch. Both times were an absolute delight, and this because of the EXCELLENT help and guidance by your staff! What fun to try on the wrap-dresses in all these different ways! I had a great time -thank you girls!!  I go home now (back to Brussels-Belgium) with an absolutely fabulous blue flower dress to add to my 'Annah Stretton-collection'Thank you heaps !! I regularly get compliments on the dresses/outfits I already own.




Customer Love - Howick  12 12 16

Went to your Howick store today to try to find a dress for my daughters wedding. I really didn't think you would have any dresses to cater for me (short and roundish). Very pleasantly surprised and impressed!  The ladies in this store made me feel extremely welcome and helped me find the perfect dress!!  They were extremely patient and incredibly helpful (and honest which was pleasantly surprising!)  Not only did I come away with the perfect dress but accessories too!!  Please pass on my sincerest thanks to them both. They made a very worried mother of the bride extremely happy. Kindest regards, Dale




Customer Love - Takapuna  08 12 16

I would love to tell you about my fantastic experience recently at your Takapuna branch.  Not only did your wonderful saleslady assist me with finding the most wonderful clothes, and arranging for out of stock items to be delivered to the store for later collection, she also followed up with Customer Service to check whether she could apply an online credit in my online account to store purchases.Even more wonderful, the customer services representative remembered me from a previous interaction and assisted greatly with the transaction.This type of amazing service (and your wonderful clothes of course) brings me back to your store each and every time I am in New Zealand - which is unfortunately usually only once a year.Thank you again for the wonderful people you have working at the Takapuna Branch, and in Customer Services.Kindest regards Brigitte



Customer Love - Taupo 18 11 16

On a recent trip to Taupo my sister and I called into your shop and we were both made to feel very welcome and encouraged to browse with helpful suggestions etc. We returned in the morning with our Mum who also needed an outfit for an upcoming wedding. After nearly an hour we left with two beautiful garments as well as the hints to wear the wraparound dress in some of its many options. Elsa




Customer Love - Newmarket 14 11 16

Hi, just wanted to let you know I shopped at your Newmarket store today and WOW! What a couple of lovely ladies working there. They were super helpful and knew exactly what I needed for an occasion. I bought a lovely dress, very happy, will definitely be back Thanks so much  Sandy





Customer Love - Tauranga 10 11 16

I would just like to say what wonderful service I have received from your Tauranga branch. Whilst in town with my husband a couple of weeks ago I had popped in to look at a dress that I saw on display through the door and the assistant explained that yes it would suit my body shape very well. 

After trying the dress on and finding it was a perfect fit the assistant offered to order in the cream colour that I wanted from Wellington – not only did she do that for me but she had it delivered direct to my house (she said it would arrive Tuesday and it did!) and it was wrapped in beautiful tissue paper with a nice little note.  

The overall service made me feel very special and was a pleasant shopping experience that I shall remember every time I wear the dress. Please pass on my congratulations o both ladies who assisted me on the 2 occasions for their excellent customer service and assure them that I will be back for future purchases  :-)



Customer Love Devonport 09 11 16

I live in Devonport and I just love popping in to your store and looking through what you have on the hangers. Sometimes I am just looking, nothing more, but Lyuba always makes me feel so welcome and that just looking is fine (although I have bought quite a few things too!!). I would just like to say that I think that Lyuba is GREAT!! So friendly and helpful.




Customer Love - Christchurch 03 11 16

I was privileged to accompany my friend to your store to look for an outfit for her son’s wedding. Whilst there, we were attended to by a staff member who was professional, helpful, and honest, she was attired appropriately  and reflected the stores garments really well.  My friend had never been in the store before and it was my second time, and we found it clean, tidy, personalised, and had some small items for children to amuse themselves with. Both of us were extremely impressed by the staff, the atmosphere and the variety of stock,  Pat 



Thumbs up to Sonia at Annah Stretton. On a recent visit to your beautiful town in the hope of purchasing a Mother of the Bride dress, I was so impressed by the service given right from the moment I entered the store. Sonia made me feel so very special and went the extra mile. This store must be so proud to have this lovely lady on their staff, what an asset. I am so happy with my purchase and will be back.



Customer Love - Wellington 20 10 16

I just wanted someone to know what a great experience I had in your Wellington store yesterday.  I have one of my sons' wedding coming up and was somewhat nervous and uncertain about getting something to wear.  

I went in, kind of on impulse, and came out a very happy 'mother-of-the-groom-to-be' .  The lovely lady (despite being quite pregnant and probably very tired, it was nearly the end of the day) was so helpful and honest about what looked good and spent enough time with me that I came away with an outfit I am very happy with. She was cool with me calling family members and waiting for them to arrive just to check out my outfit. I had no idea it would be so easy getting the outfit. Cheers, Alison




Customer Love - Tauranga Sore 20 10 16

I want to tell you about the wonderful experience I had at your Annah Stretton store in Tauranga. Firstly, your store! It was breathtakingly feminine and welcoming. The clothes were presented in such a way that I wanted to look at every single piece! Ah! To have an unlimited budget and spend a week in here, I kept thinking. I could not stop smiling at the sheer beauty of the place. Fiona was a dream come true. Her knowledge of what suits different body styles was so much appreciated. She spent time helping me choose an Eliza coat. It is soooo gorgeous and strangers have asked me where I got it!! 

Thank you thank you… Robyn 




Customer Love - Hamilton 17 10 16

I was in your Hamilton store recently looking for something to wear to my son’s wedding, along with my future daughter-in-law.  I would just like to say what a wonderful experience we enjoyed with Joanne looking after us  - she was absolutely awesome!!  We are both really happy with the outfits we got.  So thanks Joanne - hope to visit you again sometime soon.



Customer Love - Devonport 11 10 16

WOW... at the Devonport Outlet store Lyuba was amazing and nothing was a worry.  She knew how to dress me and we had fun doing it. She was super friendly and warm.  Fashion advice excellent.   



Customer Love - Tauranga, 10 10 16

Thank you to Fiona from your Tauranga store for my styling session last Saturday. Fiona was awesome and showed me how to look fabulous with beautiful clothes and accessories. It was such a fun and informative experience. I wish I had done it a long time ago. There was no pressure to buy but the few amazing pieces I did get now make my wardrobe more versatile. Thank you so much. 




Customer Love - Christchurch  04 10 16

 I recently visited your Colombo  Store whilst in Christchurch. It was such a pleasure to be in such a lovely environment. The staff were fantastic and I loved their creative flair and ideas. I also had my makeup done by Cara for a  function I was going to that evening. The whole experience was wonderful and I look forward to my next visit, it was definitely a highlight of my weekend. Thanks girls, I look forward to my next visit, Ronnie 



Customer Love - Ponsonby 15 09 16

Your service is outstanding! I was in the Ponsonby store and Franky was just amazing! She took time to understand what I liked and what suited me and gave me lots of ideas. I came across Annah Stretton 7 years ago in Christchurch and my first visit to that store was also a very positive experience, the shop assistant even lent me a book about Annah Stretton, very inspiring indeed!  I bought a few dresses then and still like to wear them. Also I bought a very "exciting" outfit recently in Devonport, and again the service was superb. It's just so nice to experience staff who like to go the extra mile and identify with their jobs. Well done and thanks so much to all involved! Mirjam



Customer Love - Palmerston North 12 09 19

My mum and I spent 90 minutes with Vanessa at your Palmerston North store. What an amazing lady she is!! She was super helpful and really knew her stuff. Your store is in very capable hands. Thanks Vanessa 



Customer Love - Devonport 08 09 16

Hi am Deaf and shopped in Devonport last week. I was assisted by Lyuba and received friendly, excellent service and genuine feedback. I walked away and accidentally left my sunglasses in the shop. Again Lyuba was so kind to track me down and return my glasses. Lyuba is a valuable asset for your business. thanks again Luba. Josje



Customer Love - Christchurch, 05 09 16

Over the weekend my sister and I had such wonderful service from your staff at the Colombo Store that I wanted you to be aware of what a great asset they are to your company. We were both served on two different days by Angela and Anna K. Their working in partnership and unison is a sight to behold. Each bringing the knowledge and skills to ensure that we did not just purchase a quality garment that looked good. They both have an innate way of making the garments of choice become personalised.  My sister and I (and my daughter on previous occasions) made our purchases feeling that the items had been custom made.

My sister is extremely diffident and therefore unenthusiastic about buying clothes. She left the shop on cloud 9. I have accompanied my daughter at other times and the experience at the Colombo Store is consistent. Angela and Anna have such an infectious enthusiasm for the Annah Stretton brand I hope that there is something within the company system that will recognise that they take your beautiful garments to the next level. Kind regards, Penny



Customer Love - Palmerston North 16 08 16

Thanks to Vanessa from the Palmerston North store. Vanessa is the best! She was so encouraging and supportive, recommending different colours and styles. I simply love my new flip it dress, cardigan, jacket and slips. Not bad considering I was only window shopping! I've now spent ages at home watching all the videos and trying out all the flip it wraps. Wore my dress to work today and felt great! Lynne



Customer Love - Havelock North 08 08 16

I would like to thank Jacqui at the Havelock North store for the great and friendly service she has given me. I now have a beautiful dress to wear at my daughter's wedding in Fiji. Jacqui is a lovely lady who always looks amazing and is a real credit to the Annah Stretton store. Kay


Customer Love - Christchurch 02 08 16

Hi Angela, Izy, Jack and Kara, Thank you so very much for my gorgeous styling session and make up yesterday as well as my first visit last week with my Flipit dress, floral dress and tops.  I can't stop thinking about how fabulous all of your professional services are, your advice, honesty, fun, welcoming and warmth that you all provided me.  You have all made me feel like a brand new woman, and I feel taller and fabulous as a result.  You are all so amazing and I thank you so much indeed.  My smile about my experiences with you all just gets bigger and more permanent.  Thank you all very much.


Customer Love Christchurch 28.07.2016

Thank you so very much to Angela and Kara at the Colombo store in Christchurch for their absolutely fabulous and professional service - showing me how to wrap the Flipit dress, be honest with me about the colour of the dresses, what to wear with and accessorise the dress - even using existing clothing I was wearing which I would never have thought about! I was absolutely blown away by my fabulous experience and have talked non-stop to family and friends - they couldn't believe I was so passionate about my experience - especially since I am not one that likes to clothes shop to say the least! I really just wanted to ensure you knew how fantastic and wonderful the staff members at the Colombo store are, and what an amazing time I had. Absolutely no pressure whatsoever, I was made to feel so very welcome and relaxed, and what gorgeous dresses I bought!! The whole experience has uplifted me personally and I am now wanting to get so much more creative in the clothes I wear - and out of life as a whole!

Thank you so very much indeed. Amazing what a dress can do for one! Linda



Customer Love Pukekohe 25.07.2016

The salesperson helping me was Karen A

Karen is an asset to your company.  She is friendly, bright and bubbly and nothing was too much trouble. Karen dressed me up, showed me many different ways how to wear the wraparound dress I was interested in, accessorized me, and made me feel a million dollars. I was in the shop for over an hour and left feeling fabulous. Top marks, Karen, you are a delight to deal with.





Customer Love Christchurch 21 07 16

Customer Love for the Christchurch team! These girls are amazing - call into our store in the Colombo to experience their superstar service! 



Customer Love Ponsonby 10 07 16

Our lovely Ponsonby customer Louise off to the Flight Centre Ball tonight. She is wearing the Gretchen Dress in black - very elegant!



Customer Love - Hokitika. 22 06 16 

I would just like to say what an amazing lady you have working in the Hokitika Anna Stretton store. Angie has been helping me for the last 3 years plus to dress and choose clothes which suit me and look amazing on. Again today Angie picked out for me a dress which I normally would not even look at to try on and wow it looked amazing on and made me feel like a million dollars. Angie has a great eye for style and knows exactly what to put with what and how to wear clothing. Thank you for providing such wonderful staff who make a shopping experience a great pleasure.



Customer Love - Devonport 20 06 16

I have just been to your Devonport store and Lyuba was amazing. I walked out with something different and I loved it. She was so good at helping me see a different perspective, and she showed me what I could wear and I loved that. So I have a gorgeous 50's look. She made my day, and I felt wonderful. Jackie 



Customer Love - Pukekohe

Thank you and your team so much for helping me with my daughter's ball dress. The service and care has been excellent. The shop assistants in your Pukekohe store have been remarkable. So caring and just going the extra mile to make my daughter feel like a princess in her beautiful dress.



Customer Love 17 06 16

I visited New Zealand for the first time this year, and bought 3 Flipit dresses, a coat, a jacket and a cardigan!  I was so excited as I have a fuller figure, with hips, and your dresses make me feel sexy, feminine, and slimmer. I cannot find garments like this in England – so I will be ordering online, and I will be a fan forever. Scarlett.



Customer Love - Palmerston North  09 06 16

Huge thanks to Vanessa at the Annah Stretton store in Palmerston North. Your patience, advice and style expertise are fantastic.You were great with recommending colours and a dress that could do a wedding and teenage daughters ball with a different colour slip! The service and attention to detail was 120%. I always feel so welcome in your store. Thanks again, Christine  




Customer Love - Christchurch 31 05 16

The team at our store in The Colombo, Christchurch are truly amazing! Call in and see them!



Customer Love - Devonport 25 05 16

I had a marvelous experience shopping in your Devonport store. Luba was informative, helpful, knowledgeable - it was a pleasure spending time in the shop and buying lovely clothes to take back home to Adelaide. Whenever I visit Auckland I make sure to visit your shop and always I find a beautiful garment to buy and enjoy. My friends always want to know where I purchased such interestingly designed clothes. Thank you so much, Mirna.



Customer Love - Tauranga 24 05 16

Hi - this is my wedding in my Annah Stretton dress. We had a great day, and so many people have asked where I got my dress from. They loved it. Lisa



Customer Love - Whitianga 16 05 16

A note to say how much I value the help and expertise of Tina and Anna in your Whitianga store. I recently had an investiture at Government House in Wellington so the girls were invaluable in decking me out with clothes that could marry to existing accessories. I don’t have a bottomless budget for wardrobe with our lifestyle here, so really do appreciate their efforts. Congratulations on your staff selection. Good wishes, Jenny



Graduation Time in Dunedin 16 05 16

... making girls beautiful with Annah Stretton!



Customer Love 11 05 15

Hi, just a message to say your staff are fabulous, I've been in touch with three stores today and each of the ladies I spoke to were obliging and knowledgeable. Great service, well trained ladies obviously not just 'turning up' for work.  Palmerston North, Wellington  and Otaki - great service/helpful all three.




Customer Love - Christchurch

Thanks Izzy at Annah S - The Colombo & Chloe at Phoenix Cosmetics for prettying me up on Saturday, I felt like a million bucks! Visiting that store is always such a treat!



Customer Love - Taupo

I shopped at your Taupo store the other week..looking for something for a wedding..your store manager served me and was outstanding. Sonia Anderson is fantastic..her fashion flair is wonderful...her ability to listen to what I wanted and her fantastic choices not only made me feel stunning..but I had so many compliments about my outfit. I will be shopping with her again.



Customer Love - Taupo

Thank you Sonya in Taupo for your amazing customer service. Love the dress, and still trying to talk my friend into the jacket! I'm sure it will go very well with her (pink) socks..... LOL



Customer Love - Hokitika

Tyne was married in Hokitika recently - her wedding gown and her bridesmaids dresses all purchased locally in Hokitika. Looking gorgeous in the Annah Stretton Kelsey wedding dress, with her maids in the Bethany Flipit.

Customer Love - Pukekohe

I would love to recommend and give a huge bouquet to Karen at the Annah Stetton Pukekohe for a wonderful experience in shopping. KAREN IS marvellous at demonstrating the beautiful clothes that are on sale. She is a credit to the Annah Stetton brand. I have real difficulty in finding clothes to fit me, but with the amazing flip it wraparound dress and with Karen's expertise I'm now excited about clothes again. This is a wonderful brand for all shapes. Thank you so much. Kathy



Customer Love - Taupo

I bought a jacket from your Taupo store - the sales assistant was Sonia. I just have to tell you that you have an absolute gem of a staff member there. I was only looking and ended up buying a jacket that is going to compliment my winter wardrobe wonderfully. I liked Sonja was how friendly she was, with great ideas about how to wear the clothes - she made me feel really good about my shape and knew what would work for me. She was really positive about the Annah Stretton brand. I shall be looking closer at Annah Stretton from now on and that is a direct result my experience with Sonia. Thanks heaps. Love your styles. Justine


Customer Love - Dunedin

I'm someone who doesn't really enjoy clothes shopping but when I entered your Dunedin store today I was made very welcome by Joy. A wonderfully enthusiastic woman who made my experience at Annah Stretton a pleasure and boosted my self esteem and confidence tenfold. Joy encouraged me to try on designs I'd never consider. She is an absolute treasure and asset to your shop. Thank you so much Joy and Annah Stretton ?


Customer Love - Hamilton

Never a fan of clothes shopping at the best of times, I can't tell you how grateful I am to Tammy, from the Hamilton store. She embodies all those qualities you yearn for when you walk in, not having a clue about what you want. Tammy ran a marathon to find me the perfect dress. I went to see her THREE times! She is wonderful. Patient, kind, honest, knowledgeable, willing and persistent. A superstar, with clear passion for the work she does. Thank you so much, Angela


Customer Love: Christchurch

I was greeted by lovely staff, I mentioned I was not really dressed for shopping there and I had left my 86 year old mum in the car, before you know it I was dressed had necklaces and other pretties added to the outfit and I looked very girly. Off to show mum outside - it was not long before mum was in the shop and she was treated to a front row seat and a cup of tea, (she felt rather special thank you). Your staff are a credit to you, I felt like 



12.05.2015 Customer Love - Newmarket

I recently had a surprise 40th birthday party. I was lucky enough to have already bought a gorgeous dress and shoes from your Annah Stretton Newmarket store. For my birthday surprise I was pampered on the day with hair and make-up. My hair dresser wanted to know what I would be wearing, and from my description of my new dress we went with the vintage look (with Phoenix Cosmetics) and while I was reluctant to turn 40, I did not feel vintage at all, but 40 and fabulous!




12.05.2015 - Customer Love - Invercargill!

Mum and I would like to say a big thank you to Annah Stretton for such a lovely treat on Saturday at the ‘Fabulous at Any Age Party.’ It was so nice to be greeted with a glass of bubbly, to try on some of your beautiful dresses, have our makeup done and to finish it off with a photo shoot - we felt very spoilt and very special. Danelle was great, she knew exactly what would suit us and had us trying colours and styles that we wouldn’t normally have looked at, and the Phoenix ladies gave us a lovely natural makeover. We can’t wait to see what the photos look like!

Thank you so much for the experience



11.05.2015 - Customer Love for Invercargill

A big thank you to Danelle in the Invercargill store. Kylie and I had a fabulous time at the Mother's Day treat. What a fantastic idea. The service and attention to detail was outstanding. Well done and Thank you Annah Stretton Invercargill!



11.05.2015 - Customer Love for Christchurch X

Thanks so much Annah Stretton Colombo for this Opportunity, Mum and I had a great time at the Fabulous at Any age Party this weekend. It certainly was a special hour out of a busy weekend. Angela and Izzy were delightful as always! I swear my lovely Mum looked like the Queen and I sure felt like royalty!




Thank you for the wonderful prize/ Fabulous at Any age Party today at the Hamilton store (9/5/15) , we had a fantastic time with the Team and photographer! Thank You



6.05.2015 - Customer Love for the Ponsonby Store X

I wanted to pass on very positive experience at the Anna Stretton store in Ponsonby this afternoon.

As I was wandering along Ponsonby Road I popped into the store to browse. I was very impressed with the service I received from the store manager Olivia. She was so helpful with out being pushy and offered lots of good advice re styles and colours!

Thank You!




Thank you so much Annah Stretton Fashion for the fabulous parcel I received this morning!

The glasses are just gorgeous the top is stunning & I can't wait to read the awesome book - you guys absolutely rock!


29.04.15 Kia ora

I just wanted to send a wee message to pass on my compliments about your lovely staff at the Colombo store in Christchurch. I live in Napier but regularly travel to Christchurch. When there I do love to pop in to the Colombo store and have always had the most wonderful uplifting service from Angela and Annah. 

In particular Angela's energetic, up beat style which really suits me and I always come away, whether I have purchased or not, feeling fantastic about myself and my style. Her advice is honest and up front and a trip to Annah S Colombo is always a highlight of my Christchurch visits.



Fabulous shopping experience with Olivia 
Olivia was extraordinarily friendly - remembering me from 2 years ago! I ended up buying way more than I planned to because she suggested some beautiful clothes to try on. Two of the things I wanted were not available in my size but she immediately found them at the Palmerston North store and by the time I returned home they had arrived by courier.

Very happy client right here and when I return to Ponsonby in the future I truly hope Olivia will be there to help me with my shopping once again.

Great work and thanks Olivia!!




From the moment I walked into the Hamilton Store, and Sabine was delightful with a smile, her willing to help and also calling me by my name. I had looked at a couple of dresses that I thought I would try on and they did not suit my body type and Sabine said to show her once I tried them on so she could tweek it as bit, but actually was embarrassed because I got the totally wrong thing for my shape.  She had picked up that I must have liked the lace look by what I was trying on.  I said oh thy don’t look good on me.  She said that they were not the right colour for my skin tone or shape and that is why and then came it with something for me to try which was lace and a beautiful red.  I tried this on and walked out of the changing room with confidence and Sabine said that looks stunning dressed it up with a belt and I straight away said I would take it.  She made my day and I walked out so happy.

 At my work we pride ourselves with customer service and it was great getting this myself as a customer.  Not often do you get the service to Sabine’s level.  I will definitely be back to see Sabine again soon


Customer Love - Christchurch

Tanya looked gorgeous in the Rosie Buddha Dress for her surprise wedding the other day. She had her makeup done by Jack at Phoenix.



I walked into your Christchurch shop yesterday, and because of your absolutely fantastic Lady Angela - I walked out with the Didion Wedding Dress.

PLUS I already have a Wedding Dress, so I really was not even contemplating looking. But Angela suggested I should try a dress on – then styled me completely - absolutely fantastic!! You have a real gem in her.  

Don't get me wrong your dresses are absolutely beautiful, but no way would I have ever dreamt of purchasing a dress from your store. It is because of Angela taking the time, and styling the outfit, that I bought the dress.  

She is a Star!




07.04.15 - Customer Love from Kathy Strong

I would like to thank your team for these beautiful dresses. Mine was worn at an international award ceremony last March and won "The Most Elegant Dress of the night" I then had a detachable train and shoulders straps redesigned for my wedding. My two bridesmaids wore dresses from your line as well. Thank you for making my day everything I dreamed of! My photos looked amazing too!




07.04.15 - Customer Love for the Christchurch Store!

I had the pleasure of another wonderful experience in your Christchurch 'Colombo' store.

Izy, was yet again, just amazing, honest, caring and an absolute delight.

I was choosing a wedding dress and of course, we found the absolute perfect dress, as I knew I would.
Thank you Annah for your wonderful designs, and for hiring fantastic staff like Izy.




I cannot speak highly enough of your wonderful, friendly and helpful, ladies in the Christchurch store.  Each time I've visited this store I've experienced the same treatment and I wish all other shopping experiences were the same! 

Those ladies, particularly Angela as she is the one who looked after me personally, know their fashion and not only are they honest (which I love when it comes to clothing) but they are just so genuine and clearly love the clothing they are selling. 

Since one of my purchases was the Flipit Wrap dress I've watched the tutorials and found these to be highly informative.  Not only have they shown me lots of ways to wear this new dress, but they've given me ideas on how to modify some of my other outfits simply with the use of a belt or other accessories. 

I already have been, and will continue to, tell all my girlfriends about how wonderful your garments are and that people should pop in to see Angela and the other ladies - especially if they, like myself are heading to a formal function and need help on what to wear!

Thanks to your wonderful designs and the fabulous fashion advice from your staff, I'm heading off to my friend’s Wedding this weekend feeling a million bucks - and am confident I will get lots of compliments on my gorgeous dress too!

Kind Regards, Sharne




I just wanted to say a big thank you to Stretton Clothing and Ali for my amazing wedding dress.  It was absolutely perfect.  My husband and I were married on 24 January and it was an amazing day, with gorgeous weather.

The professionalism of you and your staff was so lovely and your eagerness to help was very special.  Everyone commented on the beautiful dress and I was happy to tell them all about Annah Stretton and what you and your staff did for me.  (Although you can’t really tell in all the photos, I was 24 weeks pregnant!!)

Thank you Lisa and Geordie





Thank you so much, I loved the dress and had so many comments about how great (& different) it was. My husband loved it too.

– Erin