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Annah Stretton

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“Decisive, direct, inclusive … inspiring those around her to be challenged, confident and independent. Congratulations, Annah, on the recognition of your contribution to so many aspects of New Zealand life.” Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1999-2008
“I have got to know Annah Stretton over the last five years. I have observed a woman of commitment and passion. Beyond her business success domestically and as a Kiwi exporter, playing her part in New Zealand’s economic success, I have also witnessed a woman who gives back, or, in the jargon “ pays it forward”. Her social conscience is one of the things I admire most about her. She is a champion of women and women’s causes.” Vicki Treadell – British High Commissioner to NZ

New Zealander of the Year
Finalist 2019

Finalist for the Kiwibank 2019 New Zealander of the Year Award.

New Zealander of the Year
Semi Finalist 2018

One of the ten semi-finalists for the Kiwibank 2018 New Zealander of the Year Award.

Annah’s Timeline – the Story so far

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