Senior Manager, Christchurch – Events, Styling, Visual Merchandising, Product Advisor

“What inspires me most about my 10 years with Annah Stretton is my personal growth and change, holistically, mentally & physically all purely through Annah’s mentoring and support. It is more than a job, it is a lifestyle change.”

"I walked into your Christchurch shop yesterday, and because of your absolutely fantastic Lady Angela - I walked out with the Didion Wedding Dress. PLUS I already have a Wedding Dress, so I really was not even contemplating looking. But Angela , suggested I should try a dress on – then styled me completely - absolutely fantastic!! You have a real gem in her. Don't get me wrong your dresses are absolutely beautiful, but no way would I have ever dreamt of purchasing a dress from your store. It is because Angela taking the time, and styling the outfit, that I bought the dress. She is a Star!"

How long have I been with Annah Stretton?
Since 2009 - based in Christchurch.

What did I do before working for Annah Stretton?
I created my own jewellery in my teens and then started my own clothing company which I had for 20 years. I have two gorgeous children, one of whom works for Stretton Clothing.

Why do I love my job?
I have learned more working for Annah than I had in the 20 years owning my own company. I have an absolute passion for clothes. I love the challenge of making the everyday woman look like a goddess! The uniqueness of the Annah Stretton garments makes my job so easy and the excitement the women feel when they realise just how good they look is intoxicating.

What are my ambitions within the company?
After the Christchurch earthquake a lot changed here, not just my surroundings, but my life as a whole. A new home, a new work location for a while, and new relationships. It's fabulous having the new location on Colombo Street back as Annah's flagship store once again. I love the overseas expos and fashion week, there's never a dull moment.