Style Box and Style Me

STYLE BOX and STYLE ME are exciting new online services offered by Annah Stretton that we believe will remove all the pain points of the physical shopping experience. Are you time-poor, unsure what suits you, not confident with your body shape or your ability to choose the right outfit for your special moment? Then give our new styling services a go. Choose between STYLE ME or STYLE BOX and once you have completed your purchase, our stylist will choose garments for you based on your answers to a quick questionnaire.


Based on your answers, and a photo, Annah will ascertain your body shape and your personal style, and suggest two or three different outfits that wil take you from Frump to Fabulous! STYLE ME is truly curated to suit your taste, budget and lifestyle. The $25.00 fee charged is redeemed against any purchase you make from our suggestions, and you will receive 20% off your total order. Any garment you don't like can be returned for a full refund.

If you select this option we will send you a STYLE BOX to meet your needs. You have five days to try on the garments, decide what to keep and what to return. That's right no risk - if you don't like what we have picked put for you, you can simply return it to us. (The $25.00 charge is non-refundable.) STYLE BOX is the perfect service to outfit you for that special occasion, or just to add to your existing wardrobe. We encourage you to try on everything our stylist has picked for you - this is your opportunity to try something new in the safety of your own home. STYLE BOX is truly curated to suit your taste, budget and lifestyle.