Are you our next Annah Stretton "Kindness Queen" 👑?

We acknowledge that so many of you have come through and are still going through some really tough times, post COVID -19.
Help us find this wonderful woman and lets reward her with a fully styled 😍 AS wardrobe of $1000!
See our finalists below and vote for who you think deserves to win.

Rosanne Gibbs

I'd like to nominate my sister Rosanne Gibbs for the wardrobe competition. She has done so much in her life for people before thinking of herself. Even sewing masks for u guys while being I'll. She has just found out she has aggressive cancer and is not doing very well. She has started chemo and it is throwing her around. She has bladder cancer and is going to have it removed and life with a bag for what life she has left. This would make her day with a new and exciting wardrobe to have. Love her to bits and good luck to all.
- Trish Todd

Heidi Regan

Hello, my name is Heidi.
I feel I deserve to be nominated as the kindness queen because for the past 8 years I have cared for my papa at home.
8 years ago my father had a stroke, he was unable to look after himself as the stroke left him disabled. Over the past 8 years, I have cared for him at hospital-level care whilst also raising children. I love my father and his condition has left me feeling exhausted emotionally and physically. I feel much empathy for him. I would love to treat myself with some new clothes. I hope I get an opportunity to win this gorgeous prize.
- Heidi Regan


Judy Gibson

During the Coronavirus, I was an essential worker so was doing my job as a caregiver. I was also looking after my friend that was going through her cancer treatment as well as caring for doing shopping for my foster son granma. So over the period of time, I became essential care to four other people. So they all had to join our bubble. I also had my little 4-year-old foster son to keep happy and contented... Also, my own two grown-up son's to check in on as one has a brain injury from a car accident. IT'S JUST me in my household as my husband was killed in a work accident that would be 19 years ago this year. So I'm a very strong capable person. We all got through it with a smile Lots of Laughter and music that kept us all happy. Our 5 million have done an amazing job With following what was best for our country as we are now the only country in the world that's back to some kind of normal. Lots of KINDNESS as well as consideration to other people has made this HAPPEN I love Annah Stretton her designs are so original and beautiful.
- Judy Gibson


Nikki Maslin

Nikki works for me and for the past year has had the toughest time in the world, her husband was hit while riding his bike he has and is still undergoing treatment, her Auntie who has been in a mother role for her over the past 40 years passed away and her young nephew has just past away last week age 12 with cancer since he was 4. Nikki has been incredibly stretched supporting all these people but helping them all with their needs, she is an incredible woman who is so kind and caring, taking no time for herself and supporting others, always making sure they are okay and if they need anything, I would love to see her be treated to an Annah Stretton wardrobe and to be acknowledged for all she does, her selflessness and heartfelt dedication to her family.
- Anon



Donna Quintal

Despite losing her job during COVID Mum (Donna) has continued to put others first. As an example, she helped one of hef ex-staff members who at 22 was put in jail accused of a serious assault, and had no previous record. She worked with his lawyer and a private detective and they got the charges dropped by proving the accuser had falsified their allegation. Even though he was released, he was traumatized by the experience and Mum has gone out of her way to help him ease back into society. She has helped him find work, helped him through depression, and worked with him to plan a new future. All whilst taking care of her own family (I have multiple special/medical needs that I need help with), searching for a job herself, and helping my brother on a path to owning a business of his own This isn't unusual for Mum, she always puts everyone ahead of herself. We call her our Wonder Woman. Please consider her for this prize - she loves Annah S but can't afford to splurge at the moment. Thank you Jordan.
- Jordan


Maree Cutfield

I nominate Maree Cutfield as the “Kindness Queen” Maree has a heart of gold - if there is a someone who needs a cooked meal dropped off, help with a house move, a house to be cleaned, even car to be cleaned she will not hesitate to drop everything to assist you with anything you need help with. We all love her and the good special kind-hearted woman that she is.
- Kathleen Turner


Ruth Teller

I would like to nominate my mum Ruth Teller. She is the most amazing selfless human I know, she works for Counties Manukau Home care and has done for over 20 years. She takes care of the elderly and disabled cleaning cooking showering and always goes above and beyond she treats her clients like they are family and makes sure they get the best possible care she can give them.
She is also the most amazing mother and even better grandmother to my kids. We have had a tough few years mum had radiation therapy for breast cancer which she beat, she was there for me with kidney stones and chronic pain syndrome 56 hospital admittance and countless operations and procedures, picking up the kids when I was in an ambulance on the way to hospital and then often picking me up into the small hours of the morning from hospital.
Then four and a half years ago my dad got diagnosed with bowel cancer, public hospital would not treat him and our health insurance only covered so much, while taking him to appointments and having chemotherapy she sat there studying doing her papers for level 5 business management diploma all while researching other options to help dad. Sadly the first round of treatment didn’t go so well so we had to pay for more I added my name to their mortgage so we could top it up to pay for his $70,000 new round of chemotherapy.
Dad unfortunately lost the fight for his life on July 31st 2017. My dad was everything to us and even more to my kids, mum had lost her soulmate they had been married for over 25 years, mum coped so well to say I am proud of her is a massive understatement, she always puts everyone else’s needs before her own and will never hesitate to do it, she is the epitome of a kindness queen and I hope one day I can be even half the amazing woman she is. I am sure there are many woman out there going through terrible times and mum would be the first one to say they deserve this more but for once just once I would love for her to get some of the kindness back that she gives so freely to anyone and everyone else.
- Natasha Teller