Jun 15, 2016


We all know age is only a number – but when it comes to clothing this number can serve to remind you that you might just be a little past the latest trends. Are you a middle aged fashionista who doesn’t know when to quit? Worried you are making fashion faux pas? These helpful tips will ensure you haven’t matured past your own wardrobe. 

Cheap and Cheerful Underwear.

Once gravity starts to take its toll it is time to get those saggy bits under control – and for this you need expert assistance.  For every day the right underwear isn’t the pretty lacy pieces we all love to buy; it’s the less exciting, but just as important  minimal foundation pieces that make us — and our clothes — look fabulous. The right bra can make you look kilos lighter – a great reason for investing in the right one! 

Giant hobo bags

Oversized hobo bags seem to be getting bigger and bigger – the ones that look like they could almost double as an overnight bag. We are brainwashed into thinking – the bigger the bag I carry, the smaller I will look in relation to it! But the poor quality of the fabrics, the excessive trims and embellishments, and the sack-like shapes are anything but flattering. Replace these monstrosities with a classic clutch – it won’t hold as much, but it will look elegant and timeless.   

Double Denim

If you are over forty anything denim that looks like it has been attacked by the sequin fairy, or ripped to shreds by an angry kitten does not belong in your wardrobe! Low-rise jeans, torn, distressed, sparkly, or overly embellished – leave these fashions to the teenagers.  That does not mean we can’t wear denim – straight leg jeans in dark denim are an enduring wardrobe staple – and slimming as well!   

Message Tee Shirts.

Gone are the days when if you wore an ‘I Love New York’ tee shirt we knew that you must have actually been to New York to purchase it - or at least have a friend that thought enough of you to buy it for you! That same tee shirt today has probably never been anywhere near New York – you bought it online and it was probably shipped from some huge warehouse in Iowa. The same goes for designer tees – we know that Coco Chanel must be turning in her grave at the thought of her signature logo being used in such a crass manner. Replace these with quality plain cotton tees, which can be dressed up with statement jewellery.

 Extreme Cleavage

The old saying ‘If you’ve got it – flaunt it’ does not apply after the age of fifty!  The difference between classy and trashy can be as little as one shirt button – there’s a fine line between elegant and inappropriate. Excessive boobage, especially if it is not quite as firm or un-lined as it should be, is not sexy - it's just plain wrong! 

 Hair Gadgetry

Quirky hair accessories belong on the pre-teens – not on the head of an elegant sophisticated woman. Flowery scrunchies, plastic clips, combs covered with diamantes – these are all symbols of not wanting to grow up – pull yourself together and start acting your age! If you are lucky enough to have long hair, go with a high-fashion pony tail by wrapping a small section of hair around a regular hair-tie. Secure it with a hair clip, and a touch of hairspray to keep it in place. Or try a simple black headband – velvet or grosgrain, nothing with bling or sparkly bits! 

Stripper Heels

Sky-high heels should be left behind in your 30’s – this also applies to thigh high leather pirate boots (unless you go trout fishing.) Gladiator sandals are another fashion crime – so many loops and buckles that are so far from your bi-focals means you are never going to able to lace them up properly. Feet lose their fatty cushioning as we age, and we need wider and thicker heels for support to marry comfort with style. Toning down your footwear does not mean you are giving up on glamour – there are many designers of comfortable and on-trend footwear now.