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Rachel made Me Feel Like Cinderella

by Melissa Reid 13 Oct 2021
Rachel made Me Feel Like Cinderella


Today I went into your Havelock North clothing shop, I usually go in to just dream of wearing the wonderful clothing.
I felt that I had lost my dress sense and who I was,  and until the amazing lady started giving me some clothes and I still was a little unsure.
What was great was the sizing, all of a sudden I could fit the tops trousers and the dresses.
I can’t tell you how this changed my whole feeling of being pretty.
I loved the ladies infectious passion of turning Cinderellas into a lady with beautiful clothes. The talent of putting clothes together was just spot on.
I am a 1XL and had been buying others clothes but just felt something was missing 
NOW I have come home with several outfits I just can’t wait to wear.

The pricing was right, the style was wonderful for someone carrying weight in the mid drift and short.

I’m so grateful for your new direction of your sizing and style, we all deserve to look amazing and be able to afford it.

I ventured on home to little old home town and stripped my wardrobe. Removing clothes that where black and too big and no style it was amazing feeling and at the front I put my new clothes so I can wear them.
Thank you again for curvy women clothing, amazing manager who showed me a new me and her amazing way of relating.
I look forward to your swimwear hopefully in shorts and tops.

Kind regards,

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